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Talkback: UFO stunt at school backfires


  • Nice idea,but not thought through,not age appropriate.

    It was the SEN  teacher who was abducted ,she should have known the autistic boy mentioned in the article couldn't understand it was a mock up.The same goes for many other children too young to understand it was a game.

    I think it's great to inspire the creative side ,but by involving the police it probably made it too real.

    The aliens could have been portrayed as friendly,not carrying off a member of staff the children knew.

    All that from a Mummy who told her kids the police were coming to arrest them for making a hoax 999 call this weekend.image

  • thats different, i think lol x
  • We send them to school with the idea they can trust their teachers.Teachers are supposed to know everything.Of course children will believe them.I think we might all fib to our kids,but teachers is different.

    I think aliens is more serious cos kids do have imaginations and although it wasn't true this time maybe it could happen.

    Just don't think it was thought through,I'm sure the school just meant it to be fun.

  • im sure it was ment in all fun and it seemed like a good idea but better for older kids and deffinatly not and autistic child, that was the main thing that upset me, and the fact it was his sen teacher. poor little one x
  • Well when Harry was three or four he was in the loo while I was changing the baby,with my back to him.He told me not to look,so I said I was looking the other way.Then he asked had I closed the eyes in the back of my head,kids with autism can't understand the difference between something people say like eyes in the back of your head or raining cats and dogs.How's the poor child supposed to realise all the adults he trusted were lying to him,let alone believe them when they told him it was all a game.

    Just silly.Older children maybe would have enjoyed it .Seems to have upset those it was meant to inspire.

  • stupid stupid stupid, nothing more to say!
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