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Talkback: Breastfeeding health claims questioned


  • I must admit,I breastfed Tom and not Jc,and yet Tom has eczema.image But look it's the telegraph again!!!!!!!!!!! The ones who just make stuff up!!!!
  • There'll be as many arguments for as against.I bf Bridie,she's the one with not exzema but sensitive skin.Arthur was bf,he was the wheezy chesty one.Oh,Bridie was the obese one too.Matilda's bottle fed,and has a slight intolerance to wheat and dairy.

    Don't know about bf protects against ear infections and gastrointestinal diseases.If you leave your baby with a bottle of milk they are possibly at risk of ear infection,if you don't clean sterilise bottles thoroughly baby will get gastrointestinal illnesses.Not a risk with bf cos baby's not left alone to feed them self,and you obviously don't need to worry about washing/sterilising.I think that's part of the reason these are less common in bf babies.

    Breastfeedings obviously what humans were designed to do but where that's not possible formula's a pretty good second choice

  • bit worrying?? ah well lolas had breast milk for 8mnths and we switched to bottles this week so gotta be getting it right somewhere!image
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