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Coil baby??

Hey I'm on the coil after having my second child nearly 5 years ago. I'm due a new one in January. 

Ive been pretty sure I'm not pregnant but my husband is adamant that I am as I'm moody, teary, lethargic, achy lower back full feeling in bladder area And now I have darker hairs growing on my tummy?? Could this all be down to my coil running out? Or is it possible I'm pregnant? I'm really confused and hope someone can shed some light?

thanks in advance x


  • Hi, I guess it is possible as no method of contraception is100% bombproof! And the only way to know for certain is to do a pregnancy test at home. Do you usually have periods with your coil or is it the mirena (hormone releasing)  coil?.  Not that it really makes much difference but it would if you usually have periods and they have stopped.  Also have you checked coil strings there?  They can fall out '. Maybe do a test to be sure eh xx 

  • Yeah I can feel something although it's quite high up? I think I had a bit of a period a week ago but they are so light it's not always 100%. My last 2 pregnancies I had a period for the first month anyway. To be honest I just think my coil is giving me a big hormonal boost this month for some reason? But wondered if it's common to get pregnant on these nowadays? 

    I think I'll leave it a bit longer as if I am but still had my period it probably won't show up yet anyway? 

    Also when would hairs get darker on the tummy? I always thought it was near the end of pregnancy? As this is possibly a sign that my polycystic ovaries have started again??

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