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Talkback: Eating your crusts has health benefits


  • Love crusts,they're the  tastiest part of the bread.Especially love crusty bread crusts.Wouldn't dream of cutting them off,why give your child yet another bad habit.Arthur had a go at the "I don't eat crusts"thing.I didn't make a fuss,told him to eat round them.Within a few weeks he's getting bored of it.

    Knife and fork-would be a shame to see it die out.When I lived in the US I had to get used to just a fork cos everyone else ate that way.Depends what you're eating and how much mess you'll get in.There's something to be said for nice table manners if someones taken the time and trouble to cook for you too.

  • WHAT!!!!!!!! NO KNIFE, joking seriously noooo!!!

    jacks doesnt have a knife yet but i always eat with one, my friends take the mick that i eat pizza with a knife and fork! And if i eat a burger at home, cant remember last time i did, i cut them up maybe im weird, but ihate ketchup all up my face !

  • Pizza has to be your hands.Burger too.
  • Yum crusts on crusty bread!!!!!! Gorgeous!

    Oh we have none of this fork alone business here,unless it's pizza,got to be eaten in a slice with fingers!!!! Wouldn't know bout burgers I'm one of them weirdo veggies!!!!!!!

    Like to cut veg burgers up with knife and fork tho-mainly cos we have them with rice or cous cous.

    Would never cut crusts off for lads either,Tom sometimes leaves them but I think he just prefers filling!!!!

  • One thing I dont understand is that the crust is made of the same stuff as bread. And last time I checked the whole loaf got baked so why is it that its only the crust. I hate these type of things.

    Its like one scientist was reported to say that red wine causes cancer, and the same scientist in the same paper in the same week also said that red wine prevents certain types of cancer. 

    I am a fan of everything in balance and moderation, dont get bladdered just occasional drinks and treats every now and again, although that excludes chocolate which I had for breakfast, lol 

  • awwww knife and fork anyday! How can you eat properly with just a fork and not end up with half the food down your front??!

    Loving the crust story - will have to pull that out of the bag when my friends/ family/ daughter cuts the crusts off their sandwiches!

    I don't understand the love/hate thing with crusts!! I rather like it image 

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