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Talkback: Holly Willoughby to juggle new baby and This Morning


  • i still couldnt manage that, we like slow lazy mornings here!
  • Ah yeah,but we would ladies if we had team of helpers runnin round after us!!!!
  • ooh id love someone t do my hair for me! its about 2inch short of my bum and a hell of an effort but ive been growing it out for 6yrs!
  • Oh god Laura how'd do you cope with the length?? I want to shave mine off at least once a week and it's barely chin length!!!! I hate hair-I'd like someone here to do my ironong/cleaning etc!!!!!!
  • Cleaner,washing lady,ironing lady,nanny,PA,cos I can't do on time ever,cook,oh and driver.That'd be me sorted.Did I miss anyone...gardener,window cleaner,all that and I could be there on time.

    As for hair and make up,well the last time I wore make up was my wedding day,cos I HATE wearing it with a passion.Hair was last cut a week before my sister's wedding three and a half years ago.I trim it myself occasionally but it's probably almost waist length ATM.Love to have a stylist sort that out.

  • i like having long hair, used to spend hours doing it now its a quick wash and i let it dry naturally, pull it back whenever i have lola though! Have to admit alot of the time its a blooming pain but i wouldnt want it short so tough kinda thing.

    Jo i agree, i hate makeup, makes me so hot and ruined my skin, ive worn it less than 10times since having jack and its done wonders for my skin.

  • I cannot do hair and make-up to save my life!!!! Not very girly at all. Would love to be able to but if I could I haven't got time anyway!!!!!
  • well im ashamed to say im whined for years for ghds andrew brought them for me and ive used them twice, i dont have the time, and for the life of its impossible to do alone, hairdressers make it look so so easy, andrews quite good at curling my hair with them but we never have the time, he was nice the other day and washed brushed and dried my hair, i told him flowers are compulsory when your cheating lol!
  • Lol!What's the deal with men and hair.Darren blow dries and brushes the girls.

    My last hairdresser cut my hair so short I looked about 40.I don't do haircuts anymore,it's just wash and brush and leave.I don't like tying it up cos it makes me look too young,and I've got all the kids in tow.Do it occasionally if it's hot and it's bugging me.

  • yer i have that problem i had it up yesterday at the police station and they asked my dob and the copper said oh i only thought you were 16, so i moved the buggy and revealed the sleeping toddler at the back and he went oh blimey!

    I wonder sometimes, all the men i know love doing hair, my uncle spent hours doing mine when i was small, adn roos always saying i cant wait until lolas hair is long! bizare arent they!

  • Best put a "Girls World" on his Christmas list,lol!
  • lol, he does actually play with my sisters ariel one, hmm maybe i should worryimage
  • That is sweet tho-he did your hair? Jesus I'd end up lookin like poochy if big fella did mine-can't be arsed with hairdryer-wash brush(if you're lucky) and go.

    Tie mine up all the time-look 12 quite sad really. I WILL straighten my hair for dirty night away tho-already asked nannybear if I can rob her ghd's!!!!!!!

  • yer, like i said it was worrying, hes alright but he hasnt been sweet in 2years! lol, i was scared lol! he 'likes' doing it well when lolas older and screams at the sight of a hairbrush he can like doing tht!

    i love my hair straightened or curled but it takes sooo long and im useless at doing the back so the ghds only see the light when i have a 'frizzy day'

  • I don't know how Holly does it! i spent the first few months just about managing to get dressed in the morning let alone turn up to present a morning tv show - and she always manages to look fab!
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