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Hey guys, I'm new to the site and I'm sorry if this has been asked but I'm really concerned about something,

I'm a virgin but jot for long, I'm getting  married in a few weeks and we're  planning to have babies in 5 years or so but the thing is that I have cysts in my ovaries, can't really tell if it's just that or PCOS (one doctor said I had to enslave myself to hormones and it'd take years for me to conceive because I had PCOS, another doctor said I don't have to take medicine and I'm most likely to get pregnant easily since My periods are regular, no acne, no overweight...) And I'm worried I won't be able to conceive, My CM during my fertile dayd is extremely weird, I have this kind of discharge ONLY in my fertile window and makes me afraid that I'm not really ovulating at all cause it doesn't look like EWCM image I know the pics are gross haha sorry about that, any thoughts?


  • Hi Marianhe 

    Congrats on your up and coming wedding.

    Cervical fluid is a nightmare to get to terms with. One thing to learn though, (like most things

    ) is what's normal for you. I found this site helpful I hope it helps you too. 

    Another thing to mention is that there are loads of pcos ladies that have babies daily and seen as you don't seem to suffer pcos just pco then you might just be one of the ones who get pregnant easily. One great step is that you obviously are ovulating! 

    Hope the wedding goes well x

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