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What's going on??

Hi all,

I'm currently 4 days late, yesterday and today I've had some extremely light brown spotting, like 1-2 marks on a panty liner.  I've been having ovulation like cramps or period like cramps since about day 10 of my cycle. Yesterday morning I did a test but got a BFN...I also feel a bit light headed. Any ideas? Could I be pregnant? How long should I wait again to do another test? 


  • Id wait a few days to retest hcg doubles every 48 hours hun and with first morning urine xxx

  • I didnt get a BFP until 5 days being late for my period and I had all the pre AF symptoms going. 

    I would wait a few days and try again.

    Fingers crossed.

  • Hi going through same ... its now 34 days since last p and had spotting for a day  minor cramps weeing more but negative  tests I'm  what could it be

  • What brand test are you using? Maybe get a more sensitive one an try with FMU?

  • Only cheap ones from local chemist ...but two types... ok ty will try

  • Still no pierod  but feels like I'm having one if that makes any sense... feeling emotional  and getting alot of tight cramping pain today .  Hurts when I cough etc but still negative test roughly 10 days late

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