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Trying to conceive novluck

im 21 and I have been with my boyfriend for 3 years and we had a misscarraige 2 years ago and have decided we are ready and have been trying for 4 months now has anyone got any advice? I also got positive pregnancy test last month but turned out it was chemical pregnancy.. Thanks xxx


  • Hi Mills

    Just some postive thoughts for you the good thing is you know you can get pregnant maybe try getting the fertility monitor so you can narrow down your ovulation, try and not stress about it I know it easier said than done but you have to have patience trust me Ive been trying 2 years and still waiting and I am only 25. They say most couples get pregnant within a year. Good Luck x

  • Thanks for your reply! It's so hard isnt! My fertility week is this week so we are having intercourse everyday to try and help! just a waiting game now! Trying everything

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