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FRUSTRATED! 3 days late, cramping, nauseated, sore nipples, STILL negative tests! HELP!

We had sex at least twice a day the whole week I was ovulating, I've been off the pill for 6 months now. We want a baby so bad and it such a bummer to get a negative test. I'm never late, I never have been. Lately I've been extremely tired, nauseous (haven't thrown up yet though), I have sore nipples, I'm moody as hell, i run a slight fever when I sleep, my lower abdomen is getting harder day by day and I get little cramps that last a few seconds. I was due for my AF on the 25, I only spotted a little bit and now nothing. I don't know why I'm getting negative tests... Am I just testing too early?


  • Hi, don't know how much help i can be im currently a week late with constant bfn's giving the testing a break now till the weekend. Ive read about 1000 stories of how it can just take a few days, weeks until a bfp will show, some women only blood test to show and others only know by an ultra sound, so im afraid its a waiting game. Its extremely frustrating im just trying to stay as calm as possible and see what happens, if i haven't had my af in next couple of weeks it will be a trip to the docs. Fx we both have bfp soon.  xx

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