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should i sue the hospital for neglect?

at the end of march i suffered a late miscarriage with my baby boy Ja'Ziah. I was 5 months and 4 days. I went in to labour went in to hospital when they said i was dilated and the cervix was completely gone when i was told he would die.

I recently had the results for the test they had did. At the appointment i was told i had an Infection called bacterial vaginosis And due to this they think my cervix had started to open  awhile before this happened. I then recieved a letter where it said he also had an infection in his lungs and an infection in the placenta.

before i went into labour i had made several visits to the early pregnacy with stabbing pains in my stomach and sharp shooting pains through my vagina and extreme pain in my cervix. every visit i made they listed all the things that they thought could be wrong mentioning 'maybe your cervix is opening', but they always checked his heart rate and it was always of so they were never worried and sent me home. without ever checking my cervix. when i had the appointment with the doctor for results and she just said 'well im sorry that happened' 

on top of that through out my pregnancy i only had a booking midwife appointment and no other appointments due to the midwifes not having any appointments. (My booking appointment was at 17 weeks) If i did i could of been swabbed where the would of cought the bv early where it couldnt cause ant harm to my baby. And if they looked at my cervice when i had signs of it opening everything could have been prevented.

do you think i should sue?


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