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First Miscarriage

last year around June 2014, I went through my very first miscarriage at 12 weeks. I was extremely depressed and couldnt  believe it. I didn't feel any pain and I must admit I was stressed because of financial problems. The doctor told me the baby passed away couple days before and my body is reacting late to the miscarriag. but it's been a year now and I still can't conceive. the doctors have told me I'm fine and i know there's others going through the same thing. I haven't been late on my period and I'm eating healthy and exercising 


  • Did you find out on your own or did the doctor have to break the news cause I had to hear it from the emerg doctor and they werent nice about it I actually complained through email about it it is so hard going through the emotion I am finding it better with friends who have been there I also have support of family too my mom bought me rememberance necklace and bracelet to help me as well I am hoping it will help with the process better than hospital support I'm just so angry with the way the compassion of hospitals and doctors are these days makes yeah wonder sometimes 

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