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My son steals money

Hi mums,

I am new on this forum and I never used any forum before, I hope you will help me.

my son is 9 years old and I noticed that money disappeared in my wallet. At the beginning is was jut coins and it started to be notes. I tried the communication for the first time and he said he would not do it again. But yesterday I caught him again stealing money. I took his tablet back. He still does not realise his mistakes and lies for anything. If anyone had this kind of problems, can you give me some advices please. thanks


  • Hi  its a but drastic but the psco helped my friend when she had this problem.

    They discreetly came to the house and told her son in no uncertain terms it would not be tolerated and that they would be keeping an eye on him and keep a special cell on standby! 

    His mom also explained he would be having beans on toast for his tea a couple times that week as he had taken the money for their food! ( she made him eat it 3 times too! ) To make him realise the consequences of taking someone's money   

    It worked lol turned out he was buying  " mates" at school tuck shop stuff so they let him play in the footy pitch!!! The school had to step in but all got sorted in the end.

  • My sister in law is currently going through the exact same thing. Her son is 10, the parents recently separated, and her son has aggression problems too. His dad found he had pinched £20 from his pocket, when they called him out on it, he said it was cause everyone at school has 'more' than him - believe me - they certainly don't. He has a laptop, itouch, etc - he doesn't go without. He's currently seeing a school counsellor.

    Sorry i don't have any answers, but wanted to let you know, you're not alone.

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