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please any advice

Well I found out 1 week ago I was pregnant and now I'm 4 weeks pregnant and 2 nights ago I started bleeding yesterday was heavy no cramping and today is not as bad. I went to the doctor yesterday and the urine pregnancy tests were faint lines so they took my blood And my hcg levels were 11 all they told me was I prob was going to miscarry any advice or imput.


  • If you've had a heavy bleed around the time your period was due & your hcg is only at 11 it does sound like this is a chemical pregnancy sorry hun. keep testing & if the lines get fainter & go to a bfn then that will be confirmation of what has happened.

    good news is you know that you can conceive... You just need to get a sticky one next time. & losing the pregnancy this early does not affect your cycle at all like it does if you miscarried further along so you can start ttc again straight away if you wish.

    good luck!

  • I'm so sorry, I recently had a MC in Jube & it's really tough, especially when you are just waiting around for it to happen xx

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