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Vari flow bottles

I wondered if anyone had some advice. My son is 3 months and is bottle fed. We use tommee tippee bottles and up until recently the number 1 Teat. His feeds were taking a while and he often fell asleep my HV told me to use vari flow teats but feeding has become such hard work, he chokes and spills milk everywhere it really gets him worked uP. Will he get used to the new teats if I persist or shall I revert bk to number 1s? 


  • Vari flow teats take a little getting used to, the milk gets let out at the rate baby suckles so if he is ravenous and sucks hard he gets a big mouth full! 

    With my little ones I have tries to persevere with the variflow teats as they do get the hang of it eventually.

    Try to feed as soon as he tells you he is hungry as this might ease his suck strength.. Or try a few sips of boiled water to begin with to thirst quench then swith bottle to milk...

    Its a trial and error for each child but i would persevere with the new teat 

    Hope this helps x

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