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Picolax I meant! Ignore the last post, sorry!!

Hi all, I know this isn't the best topic..

I have a colonoscopy tomorrow to investigate possible Polyps, it's likely I am clear I'm told it is best that they take a "look"!

I have been given two preparation's of Picolax..the first I took at 9.30 this morning. I was told the stay near a bathroom but also told I would likely be ok for a couple of hours.

I have to do a client at her home (hair) in an hour, I agreed and figured she has a loo so I will be OK and its only 5 mins away.

Will I be safe with that plan?, No feelings of anything yet??

Just want to be sure, any experiences?


  • Hi I haven't had it personal but have worked with people that have. Not everyone will respond to it in the same way, however because it is meant to clear the bowel, you often get explosive diarrhoea and compelling urge to go. You may be flatulent as well so need to bear that in mind. 

    If you are close to the client might not be bad and you can easily nip to the loo but a new client may not be very forgiving. 

  • Thanks... Well its working!!!

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