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Does your child have a library card?


We've seen that the Education Secretary, Nicky Morgan, is saying that every child in England should be enrolled in a library – and her Department for Education will be supporting work with schools to get all  pupils signed up to their local library by the time they're in Year 3 (age 7 to 8).

So we thought we'd ask you if you think it's important that your child joins a library? Or not?

If you do think it's important, how old is your child? If you have signed your child up already, do you visit the library with your child – and, if you do, what do you do when you go there?

Please do let us know what you think. We'd love to hear your views on this one.


  • Both my girls have been enrolled with library cards since they were small- they are 5&7. I used to take them to a baby group at the library and we have been going periodically since over the years and probably visit normally once a month. 

    They both love going to the library and we are doing the summer reading challenge which has them going to the library every week to collect their prize. 

    As a parent and someone who works in education I do see the premise in what the government are trying to achieve however enrolling children is just one step...not all have the parents who would or could take them. Plenty is done in schools to encourage reading and most have school libraries which enables children to access a range of books..In our area we also have a book bus which visits nurseries and schools too which is like a mobile library. Perhaps money would be better spent on expanding school libraries and services like the book bus as at least then children will actually be able to access library services and not miss out because parents who cant/won't/don't take them...

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