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Can tesco digital pregnancy test give a false posotive

So yesterday I took a tesco digi around 2pm which came back with positive. After I finished my shift and got home around 5pm I took another tesco digi and a clear blue digi with the same wee sample which both came back negative. so i decided to wait till the morning for FMU to take another clear blue digi this also came back negative. I'm sooooo confused, why would I get a false positive on a tesco digi test.... PLEASE HELP!! 



  • All I can suggest is clear blue digital are less sensitive. To be sure buy a first response or superdrug own as they are very sensitive at 10miu clear blue is 25 miu. Not sure about tesco but you can probably Google the sensitivity of the tesco one. I've never experienced a false positive! A positive is usually a positive what ever!! Good luck x

  • Thank you for replying going out of my mind! I just don't understand how there can be so many negatives after a positive! 

  • High just had a quick google on the Tesco digis and not got great reviews and telling people not pregnant when other tests say they are!! Defo get the first response/superdrug own they are £4.50 for two as well I think £2.99 for one which is great value and they are accurate!!

  • Let me know how you get on I love a happy ending!! Fingers crossed good luck xxx

  • Thank you I will do! Isn't that weird how they got false negs and i probably got a false pos! I'll let you know going to the clinic tonight image xxx

  • Hi, I have done one of these tesco digital tests for the past couple of days and I find them rubbish.. ive followed the instructions (not hard) and both times it came back as two different errors.. Thought I had picked up just the normal tests, really don't like the digital ones! 

    Oh well think it's a couple of days early for me to test positive yet but thinking I'll try the super drug one suggested when I do. 

  • Hi im new to the but found this thread whilst googling. I done a tesco s digital test this morning said positive done another 2 hrs later to say not pregnant , so I'm having some symptoms and always tired and light headed I don't know my date of last period as had my cool removed 24/07/15 had the odd bleed so even more confused , any one had similar experience Tia xxx

  • A positive is usually a positive rarely false. Maybe the second test your urine wasn't as strong? Buy a first response or superdrudgs own brand(only £2.99 or £4.50 for two) do again with first morning urine and try not to wee in the night!! good luck x

  • I'm gonna stop in the chemist on way home so got some for morning, fingers crossed I've read good reviews with digi ones more than meh reviews so here's hoping , I feel different but not sure if just getting hopes up . Thank u for your reply xx

  • Just to let you know guys it was a false positive iv done many preg tests since and they have all been neg so I think track digis are just shit to put it nicely! Good luck to those TTC xx

  • tesco** digis stupid autocorrect 

  • Oh I sorry to hear that I've got another test to try in morning  , think tesco s customer services need a call and product recalled as shouldn't be allowed to play with people's emotions , I will keep you updated xx

  • Sorry to here that kokomaiil that's crap. Maybe you should let them know as a lot of people will get hopes up like yourself then let down. Good luck for next time though:)

    let us know how u get on Teena85 x

  • imageimage First pic is yesterday's second is today s I'm beginning to think tesco s are rubbish and that I'm just experiencing the marena crash 😕 xx

  • This is a little bazaar?! You've both had positive then a negative? Leave it one more day and do first response it's never let me down! How many days post ovulation are you? Should get a faint line about 14 days from ovulating x

  • I havnt got a clue since having cool removed over a month ago nothing's gone back to normal , I've been tired has back ache and nausea but also read up on the marena crash which can sometimes happen so swaying more to that atm but cant work out why tesco s first test would say pregnant confused is an understatement lol xx

  • Does the Marlena coil have a level of hcg in it though?! As to get a positive you have to have over 10miu of hcg I think it's 25miu with most other tests! Really strange

  • I've researched and it says it doesn't contain any hcg I only used a cheap numark this morning dunno how sensitive they are I've ordered first response which will be here for the weekend as don't wanna send myself crazy peeing on sticks till then xx

  • Good idea have my fingers crossed for you :) x

  • Yes I'm obsessed emptying my bathroom bin took this test out Took this morning dam evapratin marks Right on the Line ! Xx

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