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Talkback: Breastfeeding your baby in public



  • I think people attitudes to breastfeeding is ridiculous, it is what they are actually for for goodness sake.  Good on you for testing peoples reaction to it.  I never quite made it to that stage, breastfeeding was a struggle for me so I never felt comfortable feeding anywhere. 

    If my bump decides he will latch and feed well I'll be testing people too

  • I agree.People get so silly when it comes to breastfeeding.Boobs are meant for feeding babies.Whatever else you do with them is by the by,they were intended for feeding babies,so get used to seeing them doing that.

    When I breast fed I generally had a raggy to hand and between that and my clothes and the baby there was nothing to see.There were times I felt uncomfortable,around my Grandad,he only saw Harry once and I was very new to it then.It just felt wrong.Always around my Dad,I can't even hear him say that word.Too embarassed.

    Other people though,well if you don't like it don't look,I wasn't about to offer you any.

  • i have a really long list of odd places lola has decided its lunch time,

    i think the funniest, maybe not too odd, was pizza hut i rested her bum on the table and she always flings her top arm behind her and she was dipping her finger in and out of the bbq sauce giggling!!!

    WORST EVER she was 4wks old on a bench on a corner (lots of traffic) IN THE SNOW!!!!!!! and on my own to top it off! im suprised nothing snapped off!

  • i think for me the funniest breast feeding experiance was yesterday. I was in the chemist feeding on the waiting chairs, normal enough. When I heard all the staff rolling around laughing I looked over wondering what was going on only to find isabelle with her top rolled up and her teddy breastfeeding. I was so surprised. was so funny but at the same time I was glad coz I know I have made an impression and now she is more likely to breastfeed her children
  • My older kids used to breast feed dollies,that included Harryimage.They just assumed it was how it was done.
  • i'll feed my baby wherever i am if he is hungry. i normally drape a blanket over my shoulder, unless it's really warm then i think he's entitled to feed in the fresh air. i wouldn't like a blanket over my head on a hot day.  if someone says anything to me - which they haven't yet- i would just continue anyway.

    last week i was buying shopping and some of my milk started to leak out.  i laughed and said it must be feeding time and the woman serving me (i do know her) said that's why she bottle fed hers.  I said i like to give mine the goodness of my milk and she said breast milk is no better for a baby than formula.  i saw red. i said how does she think cows milk could be better for a human baby than human milk.  she said formula is not cows milk.  i said what bdoes she think it's made from? 

    i know that babies will thrive on formula milk if that's how they are fed, but her attitude really annoyed me. i left the shop in a really bad mood.

  • stupid cow, were did she think it was from a boobie bank, a load of women hooked up to pumps for other children. i dont think so. Im glad you told her straight haha
  • I bf both my girls but never managed to feed the eldest in public places - I used to express a bottle for her instead.

    No 2 decided she hated the bottle and would either refuse it completely or drain it so fast she immediately brought it all back up!  She was a clingy baby who screamed if put down when awake and I bf her everywhere for 8 mths!  Most of the time people didn't realise I was feeding her while chasing her big sister at toddler groups or anywhere else.  I did always use the feeding rooms provided when out if possible because my eldest would not stay in the pushchair happily while I fed her sister and was only 18mth old and didn't understand why she couldn't have her drink and a snack too!  At the very least she wanted to feed her dolly too. 

     My only bad experiences were at my cousin's daughters christening party when my gran had me ushered out of the room and covered with as many coats she could find to sit in a completely empty, dark and cold room instead and at a family photo when I was not wearing a top I could feed easily in (my own fault)!

  • young mummy that sounds exactly like my two! jack was 16mnths though and id say im feeding lola (the clingiest baby ever) and hed put his bossy face on and say 'snack'
  • How come people accept some young leggy 18+ showing her boobs of in the paper tv n beach ect. Yet ad a baby to that boob n all hell lets loose. Double standards r what!!!!!! Me l fed my children on demand n if people didnt like it then l told them to stop looking!!! Always shut em up that one haha.
  •  I am very shy and thought I would really struggle to BF as always cover up, however Harry latched on really easily and he was a pro at it straight away, I found it quite easy and when I got my confidence up did feed when out and about, even in front of some work colleagues, because I had to, harry needed a feed so you do what you have to. I have had to sit on the edge of a park before on the pavement as no benches and feed him.

     Once he was about four months old i tried to give himn a bottle so i had an option but he was having none if it and wouldnt accept a bottle so I continued with just BF until 7 months.... would have carried on longer but he wouldnt sleep withough me feeding him so thought best to quit it when we followed a sleep programme to avoid any confusion.

    It does annoy me when people get embarrassed when they see you BF or think it is rude or wrong especially when you try your best to be discreet, it is the most natural think in the world and like you say they dont mind them hanging out if it is on some leggy blonde in the paper or on the beach.

     Anyway they dont have to boomin look if they dont like it do they!!!!!!   I think our country is one of the worst for accepting it .

  • I wasnt all that confident with my oldest so tended not to do it when out and i never bf in front of my partners parents-i disappeared upstairs which was a bit of a nightmare cos he used to take an hour a feed.  Very lonely i can tell you!  But with the youngest two I did it whenever required and i found that other women tend to be worse when making comments or giving you dirty looks.  I watch my local football team and I fed when i was there too despite being surrounded by men and not one of them ever commented!  I didnt shove it their faces (so to speak!) granted but people will always think it their right to pass comment if they dont like bf whether they can see any breast or not!

  • worst comment i had was, selfish, typical only child, cant share, needs control!!!!!!!!!!!!!!image

    no prizes for guessing who that was?

  • What was that all about?
  • people passing comment on breastfeeding, mil is convinced i breastfed because im a control freak!
  • OMG thats unbelievable... my mum wanted me to bottle feed so she could feed Harry but  she would never go that far.... that's awful, how about well done for doing it, best start for baby... etc!   Unbelievable!   People are so short sighted sometimes, world is definatly full of very strange people!!!

  • she did everything possible to screw up me feeding jack as he was mix fed due to being prem etc, shed give him a bottle whenever i went to the loo, did my hair etc, ended in a huge fight when jack was 10mnths- 6mnth with no contact and things are now improving slowly
  • Crikey thats nuts, its such a shame when families dont see eye to eye especailly for the children. GLad things are on the up no wbut these things take time.
  • they do, but were getting there, and lola gave up breastfeeding by herself last month, i was sad but i know it was better she gave up than me having to force her off lol! x
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