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implantation or AF? help!!

My hubby and i have been TTC for 8 months now. I ovulated on 12th aug. My periods are normally 28days. Af was due 26th Aug. On 25th i had light brown spotting ( i have had this prior to my past few periods.) Then cramps and what i thought was AF but i only used one tampon and since then its only been spotting and present when i wipe its a dark off red colour like brownish. Sorry TMI. I have had really sore breasts, nausea and this past week i have been exhausted. I took a HPT this am but neg! Is it AF or could i finally be pregnant! Any advice or help is much appreciated. Thanks.


  • Hi lmill90,

    This is mine and my partners first month trying, I've also has this brown spotting recently before most of my periods, Sounds like you could finally be pregnant but don't want to get your hopes up, my boyfriends girlfriend took at least six weeks to get a positive test and she had all the symptoms you had!

    Fingers crossed for you!


  • I know its difficult not to get your hopes up. I do every month. Fingers crossed. Just not sure if it was my period or not. Feel so tired and nauseous today. This isnt normal for me either. 


  • I know what you mean! This is month, im 3 days post ovulation and im getting my hopes up already! Its killer!

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