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Please Help! My lo doesn't like yoghurts or fruits or even porridge!

Hi everyone!

I need some advice and help as I don't know what else to do...

I started weaning my lo when he was 6 months and 2 weeks, about a month and a half ago... it was really hard for him to start liking purees only managed if I do it like a soup and not individually.

but I tried and tried different types of yoghurts , porridges and fruits and he just simply gags and throws everything out pushes the spoon away and screams! Any advice??????

I tried fruit purees, giving them raw or puree with a litle bit of smashed rusk, the porridge tried it cold and warm, youghurts straight from the fridge or at room temperature.... 

I don't know what else to try.... and I am getting really worried as I know this are really import nutrients specially in the fruit that he needs...

Also since I started to wean he's having a lot of trouble pooing.. any tips on how to help him as he's poo is so hard?




  • Keep giving him it every few days, babies react with a grimace to new food, but dosnt mean he dosnt like it. It's frustrating I know, I pushed on with my son and so glad I did! He eats almost everything now, he still not keen on hard cheese but I'm getting him to eat it from time to time. He's 2 now and loves his food lol how long has it been since he poo'd? If he's constipated then he may refuse to eat too x

  • Hi! thanks for replying :) i will ahve to keep trying then...

    He did yesterday after 2 days without doing any! but my mum told me to stimulate with the tip of the thermometer have you ever heard of that? 

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