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what to do & eat and what not to do & eat?!


I am around 6 weeks pregnant and is my first pregnancy .

Is there any essential things that I should be doing and shouldn't be doing?

And is there essential things that I should and shouldn't be eating?

Sorry I am new to all this and don't just want to go off the internet .

Thanks in advance! 😊


  • I kind of used Google to help me out with my concerns before my first booking in appointment. Where the midwife answers all these questions.

    It's important to have plenty of fruit and veg,nutrients to feed the developing fetus. Also daily amount of calcium,through milk or cheese.

    Don't eat too much beef in one week,too much vitamin A is bad. All other meats you can have plenty of though,depending on appetite and what you can stomache.

    Take multi vitamins daily along with your folic acid, that's important.

    Avoid getting too hot, always keep cool, keep yourself hydrate,  I would stay away from having alot of fizzy pop, too much caffeine is bad for the growing baby.

    Think I've wrote enough lol

    Congrats on pregnancy xx 

  • just to break it down a bit more

    don't eat raw eggs (runny yolks included), patè (contains a lot of Vitamin A which is bad for the baby) and some types of fish (tuna is okay in moderation) also raw cheese with rinds like Brie and Camembert (if these are cooked everything is fine) plus unpasteurised milk/cheese but if you buy from a supermarket you won't need to worry about this as it's pretty much all pasteurised unless it specifies otherwise. 

    Everything else you can have just in moderation, don't go crazy and binge on things :p 

    and limit caffeine intake, I switched to decaf and suffered terriblow headaches which only went away with a cup of tea or full sugar Coke.

    oh, almost forgot. Alcohol is a no-no unfortunately. Could kill for a glass of wine some days :p

    hope this helps

  • I sometimes miss beer when it was summer but got a good reason to hold it off for now :) 

    Now I drink only water and sometimes mixed vitamins juice for the extra kick my body needs :) 

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