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Help! What do I do?

Hi, I've just found out 3 days ago that I'm pregnant, I told my boyfriend and the first thing he Said was for me to get an abortion, and that if I were to keep the child he most probably wouldn't be there, I'm stuck because I love him so so much and im scared of loosing him but I can't beare the fact of having a abortion and killing my only baby! What do I do?!


  • That is a tough choice, if my partner said that, I'd tell him I wouldn't do it, as hard as walking away is, that life starting to grow inside you will love you forever. That's your special baby beginning to live.

    I wouldn't know what I would do without mine,still got 5 weeks and a half left of pregnancy and I've almost left the father during the pregnancy but you find every decision you make from day one of pregnancy is for that future child.

    Don't let your boyfriend bully you into making a decision you could regret for the rest of your life. Think carefully of what he's asking you to give up

    I hope you make the right decision xx

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