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My miscarriage. How it happened for me.

I am sharing my miscarriage story in the hope that it may help someone who is worried or intrigue at the unknown. 

On thursday the 24th of September I went to the bathroom to discover brown blood in my underwear and when I wiped. I was 8weeks and 2days pregnant. As this was my first pregnancy I was very worried and called the early pregnancy unit straight away. They said to keep an eye on it and if it became heavy and I was in pain then I should call back. But they said I shouldn't be concerned. 

Over the next few days the blood went from a brown to red and increased in volume slightly with no pain.

On Sunday the 27th 3 days after my initial bleeding i was passing small clots and had nothing more than mild period pains. I continued to call the hospital throughout and they were not worried. I had had a scan at 7weeks and 6 days and there was a clear heartbeat. Sadly that Sunday I passed the baby, intact in its sack. Despite the optimism from the professionals I knew in myself that something wasn't right. After I had had my miscarriage my bleeding and pain increased but it was still bearable. By the 1st of October my bleeding had stopped and my partner and I have began starting to try again. 

We found closure in spending time together and burying the miscarriage at a family spot. Dispite blaming myself in the first few days I know it was out of my hands and natures way of saying it wasn't ment to be. I feel confident that when it is the right time it will happen for us all we have to do is keep trying. 

My advice would be to listen to your own body, not all bleeding is bad my friend had a similar experience with a happy ending. Her little girl is 3 in December. 


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