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will my son cope for one evening without me?

Im ment to be going out for the evening next saturday for my 21st! but i have never left my 13 month old son with anyone anyone before, hes still breastfeeding, he has a feed before bed at 7pm then he wakes for another at 11pm then every hour or so after that.

My mum has offered to babysit but i really dont no how my son will cope missing his evening feeds and without me there, has anyone got any advice to help the evening run smoothley...?

molly xxx


  • Hun,I think your mum will cope fine,are you going to express a couple of feeds just in case?

    You need to celebrate your birthday hun-it's a special 1 !!!

    Molly,I would have loadsa EBM ready chilled,a nice munchy treat for grandma,go out and let your hair down,you deserve it x

  • thanks, i didnt really think of expressing but could give it ago! only prob is he hates bottles but iv never tryed him with expressed milk in one, maybe are try him a couple of times this week with EBM and see how he reacts. x

  • Word of warning hun,my eldest never took a bottle of me with EBM,perhaps OH or your mum could give first expressed feed? Doubt you LO will be happy with a bottle off you when you've got the best thing under your t-shirt!!!!!image

    You can pick up good quality manual pumps for £20-I had the tommee tippee one x

  • hiya molly,

    i left my youngest for the first time last week for my 21st, unfortunatly she gave up breast feeding a month or so ago, but i was more worried about her than she was me, she had fun with grandma before bed, and i can only second whats said above, neither of mine would take a bottle from me, i introduced a dummy so i could leave lola, but that was only for extra sleep when she was small, not literally leave.

    Hope it goes smoothly, and have a lovely birthday xxx

  • Hi,Molly.

    You have to celebrate your birthday.I'm sure your little one will be fine.If your son's never taken a bottle till now you can try giving the milk in a beaker,you said he's 13 months.My third would never drink form a bottle she went straight to a beaker at about 8 months.All of mine were finished with bottles by a year or soon after.If your son's drinking juice or water already it would be a familiar object rather than trying to introduce a bottle

  • tryed a little Ebm in a beaker 1st then a bottle at bedtime this eve to test things out for the weekend and he was having none of it , just looked a little confused and kept throwing the bottle and trying to snuggle up for a proper feed,not sure what im goin to do now maybe are just try again each day, see if thing improve. x
  • Can your Mum come over at bedtime a night before,do the bedtime routine with you?Try and not be in the room when the bottle or beaker is offered.Does he drink juice/water from the beaker?If so he'd be more likely to try it.

  • aw hun, my youngest was funny about bottles, if mum cant come over could you lay him down in a buggy/chair and offer the cup/bottle so hes not in his usual posostion? Lola still wont be held for a bottle and shes given up breastfeeding, try and hold her and she roots, strange baby lol! best of luck x x x
  • Merlin roots,and he was only bf for a couple of days.I think he's just guilt tripping me,lol.

    A change of position,completely different to what he's used to may well help.Do you have any kind of sleep aids,a soft toy,particular toy.Even something of yours.Mine all did/do sheetsand raggies.From about a year they've made one of their toys favourite.Even if  your Mum can't get him to take a feed,as long as your Mum can settle him,so he's not too distressed by it all

  • even though my madam was bottle fed by the time i left her i booked a taxi for after her bedtime, very close to it, so i settled her and left immeadiatly, then if when she woke she went nuts and i had to go home id given my self the most time possible!
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