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Talkback: Sharing childcare: mums unknowingly break the law


  • couldnt have said it better myself ella, its just ridiculous??? Im begining to wonder how far the 'nanny-state' will go, its starting to feel like our children arent our children!
  • I heard today that Gordon Brown is trying to get free chilcare for all-all those that work 40hours,I bet.

    How ridiculous to suggest you cant take it in turns with a friend to watch one anothers children-what $hit !!!!!!! Worlds gone mad.

  • apparently hes scrapping the voucher scheme in favour for 2hrs a day???? this is just rumour ive heard, its a bit worrying, me and mum babysit for each other atleast once a week, no arranged times though just spur of the moment but how long before thats not allowed?
  • Two sensible parents made a very sensible childcare arrangement,but somehow  "they" know better.They had a big discussion on the radio about this yesterday.The mother of one of the children's had to put her in a nursery.They interviewed her.Poor child is apparently traumatised.A big deal was made of them being police officers and not above the lawand all that,which I agree.That bit's all irrelevant,aside from the fact that the very nature of their job and awkward hours meant they were ideal childminders for each other.

    Load of pants to be honest.Too much beaurocracy.Yes children should be protected but these were both mothers who were apparently qualified to have children,just not look after them,well each others.If a relative takes care of your child no one checks.A certain MIL  used to look after both children of Darren's eldest brother.Those kids never did anything.They were plugged with a bottle constantly.They weren't dressed and napped on the sofa cos she "couldn't carry them upstairs" and did little besides watch TV all day.They've always looked like the kind of  kids that need a feed up.Not just skinny,but pale,unhealthy.Nobody checked their childcare arrangements.

    The law needs looking at again,and needs to be applied with common sense

  •  Read an article today which suggests that they may 'tightening' up the relevant law in order that the siyuation with these two ladies doesnt happen in future. sure it said that the law wasnt meant to be used in the way that it has in this case.

    think they only got reported because of a nosy neighbour?!  who needs neighbours like that, eh?  must ahve been somebody who really didnt like them!

  • am i being thick, I really CANT see what the problem is, i thought it was sensible and nice for all involved until this obvioulsy!
  • i totally agree Laura.not only were they saving themselves money (think at least one was a single parent) but their kids were staying with someone that everyone knew, trusted etc.  too many nosy people if you ask me!im sure we have all had strangers walk up to us and dare to question they way we have dealt with an incident etc.  its just unlucky that these women happened to be doing something that is covered by law.  lets be honest, apart from those of us who are childminders/work in childcare who would know this law existed???

    if they dont fix this properly, then the law is an a** IMHO!!!

  • i was shocked when it all came out, when i was a kid mum was in a babysitting circle, each mum took it in turns once a week, isnt that the same thing?

    Its ridiculous, completely stupid, i know if i had to leave my children the arrangement they had seems perfect!

  •  this has made my blood boil. THEY are interfering with EVERYTHING. Life as a mother is hard enough today, finding friends who can help share childcare so that we can SURVIVE in this crazy world is one of those things - dont just want to let this one go - Lobby you local MP about this - any other ideas about some direct action we can take?
  • I agree with all of you! I really can not believe this story. Maybe if they didn't charge £50 a day for nurseries, we'd all have a chance of going back to work and take our children to a nursery. (Which I'd love to do, but can't as it's too expensive for any wage I could get) Ridiculous! In one Scandinavian country they pay about £100-£130 a MONTH for a full time nursery place. Why can't our government help us out like that? Help us women who'd actually like to go back to work, but can't afford it!!
  • Hello, just thought you might like to know that there is a petition against this and can be accessed here. I too am outraged by this insensitive OFSTED meddling, but at least it would appear we're not the only ones! Cheers.
  • thank you for the link x
  • Thankyou Janine,have signed that,tell you what offstead want to look closer at nurseries which they pass,my friend has rejected at least 10,because of shoddy staff,rules security etc,these are apparently on report 'the best'.

    Least you know and trust your friends.

  • I can't believe this story - i was so outrgaed when i heard about it! I know so many people who rely on sharing childcare with friends. people just can't afford the huge cost of nurseries and nannies. now these women are having to pay a fortune out AND claim benefits!! Surely what;s important is that your children are safe and being looked after by someone you completely trust..!
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