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Gary, Julie, Dave, Sharon, Nigel: what out-of-favour baby names would you like to 'save'?


We loved the recent news story about the new-parent couple who decided to call their baby son Gary - because they didn't want the name Gary to die out (only 28 babies were called Gary in 2013 but it was once the 16th most popular boys' name in the UK).

And that's made us wonder whether there is an old-fashioned baby name you'd like to save?

Please do let us know by adding a post to this thread. We'd really love to see a list of sadly unloved 60s and 70s names on here!

(I've a big of a soft spot for Ernie, myself!)


  • I quite like Karen. And if we'd had a boy, one of my shortlist was Neil but my hubby vetoed it lol

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