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i have been told that due to complications (3rd degree tears) with my previous births, that i have to have a C Section this time.

do any of you have any tips you can share, things you couldn't live without at the hospital or ways to cope after the operation etc

just looking for any words of wisdom or things you were never told about c sections but want to pass on?

any help would be appreciated

thank u xx


  • No-one lol :)

  • Hi I had an emergency c-section with my first born:/ wasn't prepared at all!! All was ok though:) They did a fantastic job stitching me up. It healed within a few days which was amazing and 12 yrs on I have a pencil line which is only just visible. The only struggle I had was when my son cried through the night it was uncomfortable (more I was scared of popping stitches!) trying to get out of bed to pick him up and feed him! Make sure your buzzer is easy to reach and the cot is in a good position that you can reach without too much stretching. I was in for 4 nights ,5 days. The nurses were great but I hated not getting to him quickly when he cried:( I had an ovary removed as well so had blood/urine drains and anti biotic drip which is why I struggled to move and got frustrated!! Pain wise I can honestly say I had none and after the 2nd day I didn't take pain relief as honestly didn't need it. One thing I had with me was lucozade tablets which really helped! I had a lot of blood loss and first time my hubby escorted me to the loo I nearly collapsed as my head went dizzy. I ate a few of those and it helped! Loose knickers I usually wear a thong haha!! Loose clothes No pressure on your wound:) . When I got home I walked slowly around the block pushing Pram which helped me get back on my feet and was driving within 3 weeks. I didn't need the recommended 6 wks to take it easy but everyone heals differently. Sure you'll be fine and good luck with your new addition . Don't 4get your tissues as when they pull them out and they cry you just start crying as you're desperate to comfort them!!

  • Hi just had my 4th section at 11am today now sat up in bed with my little lady after her feed & can honeatly say that apart from feeling very tired & quite sore I feel great. Please try not to worry you will be absolutely fine x

  • Hi huni and welcome I had my 2nd emergency c section just 16 days ago and both have been with in under a year lol 

    my 1st section was after 3 days of labour so I was not really sure what was going on but this time it was booked for the 26th of October but my little man shocked us all by coming a week earlier so it turned back into an emergency one again but I was more prepared this time round...


    try to relax (I know it's not easy)

    hospital bag stuff is rather much the same...although big pants and joggers/pj bottoms are fab so it's not too tight on where they do the section, to start with you will still be numb so won't feel much but you will defo want lose clothing. (Mistake I made was letting my partner get me some knickers for my bag! Far too small...bless him, he tried)

    i would always say ear plugs are a must 😭😭 

    dont be worried about pressing that buzzer and getting the nurses to do stuff! I felt guilty about ringing them to pass me my son but it's what they are there to do...

    with my first I was in for 2 days after my section this time I was going home the following day but I had to push for it...they will offer pain kills to take home with you, my alive is take them! 

    You will also have to do injections once a day for 7 days, a tip they are a bit nippy in your arm or leg but the belly where you have your section we injected there as you don't feel it.

    once home the first 2 nights I slept on the sofa as I couldn't get in or out of bed but by day 5 once they remove the stitches I was back in my bed that night hahaha

    take your time around the house, don't rush around on your feet and remember things like washing, cleaning can all be done another day...

    you will be told in the hospital you have to wear teds (lovely white stockings) if possible before you go home ask for a spare pair

    just really take your time with things, it's a big thing having a section its major surgery at the end of the day, don't be afraid to ask for help.

    hope this is some sort of help and if you want to know any thing else just message me xx

  • Hi there,

    I have had 2 emergency csections and they are no fun.

    With my first I was in labor 17 hours before they decided I needed to have one. I must say I was shocked and disappointed and devastated. I cried for an hour. But everything went fine. My only complaint is that they tied my arms down which I don't know why. When my son came out and I heard his first cry all else is forgotten that was 8 years ago lol.

    With my 2nd section I went in for a check on my bp because with this pregnancy I had high blood pressure. My body was high and wouldn't go down so they said I had preeclamsia and had to have an emergency section. Thank God I was 37w 2d and baby was fine and healthy. That was a week and a half ago.

    I say at least you know you have to have one and its not an emergency situation because its more stressful that way. The whole procedure is about an hour and once you hear your baby all else is forgotten.

    My advice:

    * take the pain meds they give you and make sure you keep taking them at least for the first week. I didn't with my first and it was horrible pain and with my second was much better and slowly began taking them less and less. 

    *get plenty of rest I know you want to bond with baby but don't feel bad to send him/her back to the nursery for a few hours so you can sleep trust me when you get home there will be no sleeping lol

    *get as much help as you can when you go home, have you partner take some time off to help you in and out of bed to bring you baby, if partner can't have a family member or a friend help.

    *have some meals prepared in freezer to make the days easier for dinner plans if you can or have someone came make you dinner :)

    *Just get plenty of rest, take is slowly, don't try to move about fast, listen to your body and rest when you feel you need to.

    Good luck and blessing for you delivery and recovery :)

  • Thank you so much everyone!! Got some fab tips here and also read some new things i didn't know the injections!! What are they for? I will definitely cook some meals in advance too..great advice! 

    I already have 2 children so i am so worried about not being able to move as easily or lift my newborn. I am so used to doing everything for my kids that it will be hard to watch my hubby do it all, bless him, he works hard & long hours. I just think (stupidly maybe) that a C Section will have an inpact once home!

    But i need to have one so want to be as prepared as i can be!  

    thanks for your replys! Xx

  • The injections are anti clotting. I had a vbac 5 weeks ago but had retainted placenta and lost more blood with that than with my section with my first so had to have two injections a day for 7 days rather than one. 

    Loose clothing esp bottoms is a must and big granny pants that come way up over your scar as the waistband of lower pants will rub it. Take the meds they give you (ideally you want a pain killer (paracetamol) and an anti inflamatory if u can take them. Remember to take the iron tablets too if they give you then. Please accept help when offered and dont overdo it. Good luck! Xx

  • Thank you!! X

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