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Trying to get pregnant again after miscarriage

Just got my period for the first time after miscarriage glad there are so many people going thou the same thing thou it was just me and Somtimes it nice to talk about it x 2 more daya and we can start again scared but can't wait x 



  • Hi there I just miscarried there 3 weeks ago I was ment to be 10 weeks but baby had stop growing 7-4 days 😩I had a d&c weeks later I bleed for 1 week very light so just waiting on period to come again so we can try again I'll be scared to if I do get pregnant again I'll only but worry till I get my first scan 

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  • hey amcg I am so sorry for ur loss I know how it feels just take ur time and enjoy life again I wanted to try again so I didn't need to feel anything but take time to get ur self together  I am on my second try so fingers crossed lol hoor u are ok if u need to talk I am here fingers crossed for u u got pregnant onces u can do it agai. X 

  • im just waiting on my period coming so I can start again have u had ur period and all yet I'm 4 weeks3 days post d and c thanks for the reply 

  • I had one then the next one took 6 weeks to come I have been finding it hard the last coulpe of weeks feel like no one understands my husband is great but all I see are people pregnant or just had a baby didn't think I would hurt this much x how are u doing ? 

  • I'm still waiting 4 weeks 4 days post d and c just wish it would come so I can't start trying again I'm ready to try again I have 15 year old boy and I'm 36 so fingers crossed how r u keeping thank u for replying 

  • I am keeping ok the baby I lost would have been my first this is my sec month trying so hopeful but if not there is all way next time good thing about it I know that I can get pregant I am turning 31 next Sunday how are u feeling about it ? X 

  • I'm feeling postive like if I get pregnant again I'll be nervous like till the end of the first trimester finger cross it will happen to us soon 

  • I hope so x good luck if u need to talk I i am here x 

  • Sorry ladies for your loss. Been there myself and its the hardest thing ever. I was about 11 weeks pregnant and i'd been trying to concieve for three years.  I miscarried at home. The scariest moment of my life.

    Ladies, U will get pregnant again and u will be extra cautious and aware of everything and u will worry but that is normal. 

    I would like to say that let ure body get back to normal and let ure mind deal with the grief before you get pregnant again. 

    I felt like i had a void to fill and i was desperate to get pregnant again but i am glad i waited for a few months so i got stronger. I went onto having two healthy children after. 

    I wish i knew about the forum back then.

  • Thanks smileyface I just got my period the day 5 weeks to the day from d and c Im grand about the loss just don't no when it is best to try after this cycle r the next one I have. A 15!year old boy did it take u long after to conceive again 

  • I think allowed my body to go through about three periods and then i tried again. And no it didnt take long to get pregnant and i have polycystic ovaries. A bit of a miracle really. 

    I remember being on edge all the way through all the key stages. Even though scans looked good it was all the time in between that i remained anxious. 

    I had to build a frame if mind so it wouldnt hurt me as much and i remember thinking 'if this baby is to be it will be and if it isnt then it isn't my fault and there's nothing i could have done differently.

    And now the little beggar is the biggest pain in the ****side out of all my kids and i love home to bits.  Funnily enough he's 9 today. 

    Just let ure body and mind basically get around what uve just gone thru and when ure ready to try, then go for it!

    I hope everything works out for u.

  • Ah thank u so much for ur reply it was lovely to read first thing this morn lol I'm ready by but dont no if I wanna try this month r next just don't wanna happen again I just want 1 more like I might just let things happen and if i get pregnant well in good thank u so much xxx

  • Hey smileyface just want to know how u coped ? And will I get better ? X Alana 

  • I'm fine just one my day 4 th day and is slowly going away and get ready to get going again lol

  • You will get pregnant again, just take it easy. Xxx

  • Alana,

    I wrote all my feelings down on a piece of paper.  everytime that i felt like alone thats what i would do. 

    I talked to friends and family and because no one experienced what i had done it was as if no one truly understood what loss i had just gone though. So i wrote my feelings down and cried and cried and cried.

    i cried to my husband i cried to god and kept thinking that everything is in gods hands and i already had children so if i was meant to have this baby then i would have had it too, so really it wasnt meant to be.

    I still have my diary and every now and again i will read it. Those emotions were intense and it was the hardest thing i ever experienced but with each day you do slowly heal. You will never forget.  Time stops  for no one. But i promise u there will be a day when u will wake up thinking about something different. 

    Remember to be kind to yourself. x

  • hi ladies I got my period in 10 th Nov 5 weeks after d and which mean I should ovalate 21-26 th Nov i had unprotected sex 18 Nov is there chance I could get pregnant would u no r is it to early r can u get pregnant 3 days b4 ovalting anyone have any answers 

  • Hi ladies. Ive come from the due in june forum as im having my 3rd miscarraige in 6 months. Lost twins at 11 weeks in may(stopped growing at 6) and found out tuesday that this  stopped growng at 9 weeks(should b 11 today). Just been hospital to take my first lot of meds to help pass the baby. Still in shock i think 😢Xx Essie x

  • I am so sorry essie that must be the hardeds thing in the world how are u doing ? X how u feeling hope u are ok and ur husband x I am thinking of u x x Alana x 

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