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What time does your primary-school child go to bed? Is it after 9pm?


We've just been sent the results of a survey (by Furniture Choice) that suggests half of all primary-school children go to bed later than 9pm, and 1 in 7 regularly go to bed later than 11pm.

We're a bit *raised eyebrows* at this, to be honest. So we thought we'd ask you lovely lot what you think.

If you have a primary-school child, what's her or his normal school-night bedtime? Do please let us know by adding a post to this thread – it would be really helpful!


  • My 6 year old goes to bed at 7pm but I wouldn't say she's asleep then lol. My 9-year-old goes to bed later and sometimes he's up after 9 if we're having one of those days

  • My 6 year old goes to bed at 7:30pm and needs waking at 8am! Any later to bed and he tends to be exhausted by the end of school the next day. 

    As he gets older we will increase his bedtime but not too late as we adults would still like some quiet time! Lol x 

  • I have 3 children 4,9 and 12. Our 4 and 9 Year old go up at 7, brush teeth, loo,stories then bed asleep by 7.30pm. Our senoir school son 12 yrs old has time with us downstairs until 8.45pm. He then brushes teeth,loo  and in bed by 9pm Always soundo by 9.15:). To us it's very important they get there 12 hrs sleep. I still have to wake them most mornings at 7.30am!!! My hubby and I need "us" time too where we can put kids to bed have a Cuppa,chat and a bit of tv to chill out. After 9 pm is for special occasions and to be honest our kiddies are miserable the next day if up too late!!

  • My 7yr old girl, Caitlyn usually goes up to bed at around half 7, she can read or watch TV for an hour so she puts lights off at half 8 and is more often than not fast asleep by quarter to 9.

    She gets up at 0800 in the morning for school so if she goes to bed any later then she can get very, very narky and whinge/complain the next morning.

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