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Caitlyn (7) will not fasten up her jacket.

With wintertime fast approaching, I am needing advice on how I can get my 7yr old, Caitlyn to fasten up her jacket.

First of all, she has a jacket which is issued to get by the school so when its rainy, windy or snowy, the teachers won't allow Caitlyn or anyone at her school go outside to play until they have their school jackets on AND fastened up (zipped and buttoned right up).  The reason for that is because teachers don't want kids coming into class either complaining of being cold/wet or coming into class with soaking wet uniforms.

When she is at home, I also don't allow her outside on unpleasant days until her jacket is fastened up, I usually have to do it for her though which is hard because Caitlyn wriggles/fidgets about but I ALWAYS get it fastened then explain to her that because of weather, she needs properly bundled up to protect her from the elements.


  • It seems she just isn't doing what either you or the teacher is asking of her. I would have a quick chat with the teacher to check that it is her rebelling about the jacket rather than an underlying reason she doesn't want to go out to play.

    Might be worth checking the coat isn't tight around the armpits, if it is getting a bit small doing it up will limit her arm movement.

    Otherwise you seem to have just got caught in essentially a bad habit that she hasn't moved on from. She isn't a toddler anymore. If you are explaining to her about the importance about the jacket and she isn't heeding it then you need a new approach.

    You could try motivating her with a treat / reward when she does what you ask like do up her jacket without any fuss and be very heavy on the praise. If she is fussing I would leave the room and not give any attention (that is what she gains when you do it for her) and just tell her she isn't going outside with you, you go she will realise she is missing out. You need to be consistent and firm though.

    You could remind her she is a big girl now and shouldn't be fussing about the jacket and needs to do as mummy or a teacher asks. She will be looking for big girl toys and as Santa is always watching she shouldn't confuse him with that behavior!

    If an incentive doesn't work the only other option is a consequence, though rather than focus on the jacket I would focus on doing what you or the teacher asked. By not doing up the jacket as the teacher asks it sends a message to your daughter that she can do what she wants rather than heed the teacher. Confiscate some gadget or refuse to let her watch her TV program or whatever will be effective for her. She needs to realise mummy has stepped up and means business :) Praise and consistency you will get there.

    Good luck  

  • JDRiggs, thanks for that advice, it was very helpful :-).

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