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Talkback: Share the housework, have more babies!


  • Where the hell's the hoover??????????imageimage

    I'd have to supervise obviouslyimage

  • Hmm Martin does know where the Hoover is (when he wants to)  but his idea of house work is hoovering and dusting, never mind the kitchen, bathroom etc etc etc etc etc etc.......   Credit where its due he does do the weekly food shop and walk the dog!
  • Well hang onto him then Charmaine-I do the shop,I clean everywhere,I used to walk the hounds etc....

    He does work tho!!!

  • you let a man do the weekly shop!!!! Omg andrew ruins it just coming with me!!!

    Thats why im obsessive about my pill, he loves cleaning!!!

  • I did everything till we had 5 kids.Then there just weren't enough hours in the day,and stuff didn't get done,and he found the hoover.He's since learnt to change nappies,dress the children(strict supervision required),even make them lunch(of a kind).Oh and unload the dishwasher,but it's anybody's guess where he'll put things.

    Anything else,including clearing up after him helping me,is all for me.Especially the weekly shop,hate to think what he'd buy.

    Is it the fact that you have a husband that helps a reason to have more babies,or is it the more babies that  make him get off his lazy butt and help out?image

  • LOL - definately the latter, more babies makes them get off their lazy butts! image  


  • Well I wn't be online long tonight then ladiesimage
  • I wish,lol.New PS3 game.He's with the other woman again tonight.
  • Hmm that means I wont be having any more then LOL  image
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