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incomplete miscarriage? loss of a twin?

I found out I was roughly 7weeks pregnant on friday, I woke up to light bleeding and a clot 5 days later, no pain or discomfort, no other symptoms. I rushed to hospital with the clot and they examined it, then the doc said he wasn't entirely convinced I had miscarried, but it was possibly an incomplete miscarriage or i had lost a twin and was still pregnant, I have been told to wait three weeks and take a pregnancy test to find out, it feels like a life-time away! I have had 2 m/c so far and both felt a lot different to the way this one feels; my stomach is growing now (will be just over 8weeks) but could this just be swelling? I am still bleeding; lightly, but still no pain and nothing else passed. I am just so confused about how I should feel! has anybody else experienced this? 


  • Hi terr elletoni, what happened in the end? I'm in a similar position although more bleeding than you I think and this waiting is horrendous. Xxx

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