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Pregnant with twins but miscarrying 1 or both

Hi all,

Found out I was pregnant September 29th and test said 3 weeks +. Began spotting a little Monday 2nd November so panicked and went to a&e. Doctor examined me and said my cervix was still closed but   referred me for a scan. horrible scanner said there were two embryos measuring at 6 weeks 1 day. I freaked out and asked if they'd died because they should be much bigger than that. Got no answers but she gave me the impression that I should just wait for miscarriage. Went for a private scan the next day and one twin had disappeared and the small bleeding splodge had got bigger. Nice scanner said I should wait for the one that's disappeared to pass. I've been bleeding since Monday but it's brown with small clots (sorry to be graphic but I think the colour matters). Last night I went to the toilet and heard and felt a larger thing pass. Still no red blood.  Have had period pains since Monday But they're not debilitating. Has anyone had anything similar happen to them? I've had very little help from the nhs. I know I've got to wait until Tuesday for my next scan but I'm seriously panicking now. My boobs don't hurt anymore. Has anyone had this happen to them and the twin survived???? Thanks in advance for the help. Xxx


  • Hello. An thankyou for sharing your pain. I fully understand your situation. I went through a similar situation also. I went for a scan at 3 months just finding out that I was pregnant. I had severe cramps in my lower back and stomach with tightening also. Not until I complained to my gp. I was referred for a scan an was told I was three months pregnant with twins. I looked at them like they were mad because I had a full blown heavy clotting nearly 9 days or more period. There is no way I could be pregnant. They said it's most common to bleed whilst pregnant. I said I no this already from previous pregnancy but not clots and bleeding like a tap that's not possible. There answer was no its not known to bleed like that an still be pregnant. 

    Well I was pregnant now with twins. One had nor formed up to speed with the other which was showing three months where as the other was showing 6 weeks. 

    After a week the babies heart beat had stopped. There advice to me was that your baby has died an will most likely pass out of you an might take the other baby to. Well this cut my soul so much but I didn't except that it was going to happen and went home an prayed that God would sustain my pregnancy.

    6 months later my baby girl was born very healthy and strong. Her twin decided to absorb back into me. 

    I believe I had triplets with the blood loss at the beginning of my pregnancy. Then it became twins. Then a singleton.

    Do my baby girl survived although I had so much going on.

    Keep positive. An I wish you well.


  • Thank you so much for getting back to me. I feel a bit better now knowing that you had a happy ending. Xxx

  • Hi Lollm13. You are sincerely welcome. Keep me posted within your journey. I pray you will receive a blessing. Xxx

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