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I'm having doubts about my milk production

PLEASE HELP!!! My daughter is three weeks old, she is my second child. I breastfed my first child a son for four months. I'll admit I was afraid to pump at work and wasn't making enough. Now with my daughter, I feel as though she isn't getting enough to eat!! She is having runny greenish stools, which according to Google means she's not getting the good milk, mostly watery milk. I've been pumping to help bring up my supply but am only getting 1.5- 2 oz every time I pump. My right breast takes longer to get pumping, so I'm afraid when I feed her it takes just as long to get going for her so some time is getting lost trying to get the let down to occur. I appreciate any suggestions and please help me figure out if I'm making enough or should I supplement a bottle or two a day with formula.


  • Hi there,

    I'm certainly no expert in breastfeeding but if you are able,  contact your health visitor for advice. They should be able to monitor feeding and give you the advice and support you need x 

  • Suplementing with formula will not help. If I were you I would try to spend as much time skin to skin as you can to stimulate your milk. The green stools can mean they're not getting the hind milk. How long does she feed for each time? Can you try putting her back on the same side for the next feed?

  • Thank you for replying!! I've been pumping between feeds to try and make sure she's getting more hind milk. Idk if this is causing some problems, but she will go hours sometimes without waking up to eat!!! I usually feed her when she wakes up on the breast that produces the most milk. Idk if that's a bad thing, but she seems  have a lot of stools when i don't. She feeds for  ten minutes on average, sometimes with lots of encouragement. I suggested formula to make sure she gets enough to eat, and possibly help with the loose stools. Am I  everything wrong???

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