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Talkback: Children “should be taught about sleep in schools”


  • is there anything useless they arent trying to teach them in schools anymore, are all us parents so useless?
  • i agree - parents are the first port of call for all these learning experiences. School should only reinforce messages from home regarding behaviour, sleeping, eating healthy etc. Schools are already expected to teach too much!
  • Yeh,I agree too.It's really one of the first and most important things your baby learns.Don't think it's the school's place.Parents have some part to play in their child's life,it's not all school.Sounds a little like  "them" treating us like we're all stupid again,based on the few that seem unable to fulfill the simplist of their childs needs.

    My kids have very good sleep habits,my sanity depends on it,I'm sure I'm not alone with that

  • Certainly not Jo!!!!!!!!!!!!! That's the first thing I attempted to get right!!!! Sleep deprivation-no thanks!!!!

    Hate parents who blame the schools for just about everything,have heard on radio school blamed for obesity,pregnancy etc.....parents need to take responsibility. Yes the school is in charge of your childs well-being whilst in their care,but for the curriculum and reinforcing good behaviour.

  • Ruby's only 13 months old, so i'm really at the school-stage yet, but reading this made me think "why can't parents teach their own kids this and leave teachers to teach them other stuff they can't learn at home?"

    Yep, sleep is important (and god I could do with some more myself!) but really how much can a poor teacher be expected to do in the time they have??!

  • this surely is up to the parents.  i tell my children that if they don't go to bed early, they will find it hard to get up for school.  they know, as they have occassionaly had the odd late night, then getting up the next morning is very difficult for them.  but that doesn't happen very often.
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