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Pregnancy test's!



so I did a pregnancy test last night and it came up negative :( but I did another 2 this morning ( 1 super drug own and 1 clear blue) the super drug came up with a faint line and the clear blue came up with a pregnant 1-2nweeks!! Been really excited all day and just done another test to make sure cause of the first negative and it's a very very very faint line ( I might be seeing things) 

i would appreciate some help to whether or not it's a faint line or not! 

Thank you! :)


  • Congratulations that positive.

    If a clear blue came up positive you are definitely pregnant you have to have a lot of hcg in your system for clear blue to pick up a pregnancy. 

  • Hello :-)  If it was a Clear Blue Digitial and that came up positive 1-2 weeks then you are pregnant!  Congratualtions :-) x

  • Thank you for your reply's!! Very excited now! Seeing as I am only 1-2 weeks should I be making doctor appointments to talk to them about the pregnancy seeing as this will be my first?

  • Hiya. If it says 1-2 weeks really that's 3-4 weeks roughly! You basically add 2 weeks on as your pregnancy is dated from your last period. Basically you count 40 weeks from the first day of your last period and that will be your due date.

    I went to see my doctor around 6 weeks to make it official then I made an appointment with the midwife then xx

  • You don't have to see a doctor these days. You just need to ring the doctors and ask to make an appointment with the midwife. The receptionist will ask how far along you are and will scedule you an appointment for when you are around 6/7 weeks!! Congrats!!

  • Thank you for your reply's! it's all very much appreciated seeing as this is all new to me :) 

  • image

    Ladies so sorry to butt in. I was wondering if any of you could advice me. I took a hpt this afternoon and a red line appeared just along by the paper I had never seen this before (see photo before, note I had pulled the water paper back slightly) however 10 mins later the red dye ran up the test (see other photo) has anyone had this before and what was the outcome? My AF is due on Friday 

  • Hi Emma. 

    Sorry hun, not much help! I don't understand the normal pregnancy tests, I have always used clear blue digital cos it just says pregnant or not pregnant!

    Maybe try again???

  • Hi Swanny yeah I'm going to try in the morning. Not sure what's going on or what peoples opinion on it. Fx. Xx

  • It is so faint, 'not sure if the camera is good enough.   Anyone else have this happen 

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