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3 year old not sleeping

hi, my daughter has just turned four.  She has always had a set bedtime routine, she has always been a bad sleeper, but until now we have never had a problem putting her to bed, just the waking in the night.

for nearly two weeks, she has had "tantrums" starting with,

 "Icant see the pictures in my book" - the landing lights on. 

 I want a drink - its next to her.  I want my hot water bottle warmer!

I want a kiss/cuddle - shes already had loads

I want to tell you something - everytime you leave the room

We have tried being calm, being angry, asking her whay she is doing it, bringing her downstairs (as not to wake her baby sister), ignoring her, putting her back to bed but not talking to her, banning sweats and tv, bribing her, reminding her christmas is coming etc.    This can go on for hours at a time.    We are at our wits end.  How do you end this????


  • Hi Katie

    I dont know if you'll get this message as your thread was 2.5 yrs ago. It was about your 3 yr old daughter who wouldn't sleep at night. I have the same problem at the moment almost identical other than she's night trained and has been for 3 months and has never wet the bed.

    Guess what i'm asking hun is how did you solve  the problem as i'm not sure how much more night waking and constantly taking her back to bed i can take as it lasts about 3 hours per night image any help and advise would be great

    Andrea x

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