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how soon can I take a pregnancy test

i'm 17 an had unprotected sex with my boyfriend on boxing day, 2 days after taking the morning after pill and i started the combined pill for the first time in the middle of a cycle on Christmas day (the doctor said it was still possible for me to get pregnant until a week after taking the pill but a friend has said it works straight away?) i'm going to take a pregnancy test but i'm just unsure on when to take one and scared on the result.


  • Hi there,  either the combined (or mini) pill only works straight away if you start taking it the first day or two of a period.

    When did you take the m.a.p in relation to when you had unprotected intercourse? Also what was the first day of your last period?  Sorry for all the questions! Just trying to work out the risk! 😁 

  • its fine no worries and i took the m.a.p on 24th and had unprotected intercourse on the 23rd. and the first day of my last period was the 5th december 

  • Are your periods normally regular?  For example do they come approx so many days between them each time? If so, work out when you would be due a period and a test would be pretty accurate from that day.

    It's unlikely(but never impossible) that you're pregnant from boxing day as if taken correctly the m.a.p is pretty reliable. Have you been at risk from pregnancy at any other times since your period dec 5th? if your next period doesn't come when expected you're better to test. The m.a.p can sometimes interfere with your natural cycle. So worth baring that in mind too. If you are concerned you should perhaps see a gp or even a practice nurse for advice.  I hope you go on alright.x 

  • thankyou for your help x

  • So me and my boyfriend had unprotected sex on Monday and then Wednesday I got my period . I read that you are most fertile a week or less before your period and I don't know when to take my pregnancy test since I'm still on my period . someone please help 

  • Ajabre if you are on your period you defo aren't pregnant hun. You are most fertile 14 days b4 your period is due. So if you have a 28 day cycle you you count back 14 which is day 14 of your cycle that you are roughly fertile. If you have a 30 day cycle your fertile around day 16 of your cycle and so on.

    Are you trying to conceive? If so have sex every 2-3 days from around day 9(day 1 being first day of full period) until about a week b4 your period is due again:) x

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