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Seven Seas trying for a baby Part 3



  • Hi girls I did test again this morning. This is the pic... (top one was yesterday)


    Think I have my BFP!!! So excited and can't quite believe it xx

  • congratulations lovepink you definitely do!! Great news, so so pleased for you!

    Thanks Daisy we decided the same thing last night too, just keep it to ourselves and wait for the 12 weeks. No need to tell anyone at work just yet! :-) xx 

  • Jessica remind me what 2ww stands for? Lol. 

    Lovepink I see the line... yippee congratulations xxx. 

    My ss finished yesterday so just taking boots branded folic acid with vit d in them.


  • Lovepink!!! Yaaaaaayyyyyy so happy for you!!! Congrats!!

    daisy 2 week wait! I'm not buying any tests until the day I can test just so I don't cave and do it early and depress myself.

    im on tescos folic acid now. I've also downloaded a hypnosis fertility app. Daft I know but I have trouble sleeping on a night and this will help me a lot. Plus even if it doesn't work but I believe it might, the power of positive thinking etc 


  • Oh wow congratulations lovepink12!! 😁So many people are getting BFP, hoping it's my month too!🙏🏼 Still in my fertile window today according to the app and hoping my ovulation tests arrive today so I can see for sure wether or not I am. How are you getting on LizzyP2? hoping we join the rest with the BFPs this month!!🙏🏼

  • I just went out and brought a backup clear blue ov test kit from boots just in case mine don't arrive. I just got home and they are here!20 of them. image

    Testing to commenced later lol. 

    I have my pee pot ready. 😂

    I've just signed up to do tae-kwando too so if I become pregnant that will behave to be put on hold. 

  • Haha that made me laugh. I have a pee pot too, I'm even packing it in my case for London! I'm gonna need to check how many opks I have at home as on the SMEP it's daily testing from cycle day ten but Ovia says I won't be fertile for about cd 21. So I might need to stock up


  • So funny just after I wrote that last comment, my ov tests came through the door too! 😂🙈 so I did one, would anyone else say they see two lines or is it just my eyes playing tricks on me? Lol if so would that mean I'm ovulating? And to get my other half into bed asap 😂🙈 xximage 

  • I personally don't think thats a positive, but it could just be Because im looking on my phone. 

    Sorry im not much help


  • Hi mummytoeric, I'm currently in the two week wait I ovulated Sunday my app was slightly out. I see two lines but I always get two lines you need the test line to be as dark or darker than the control line for a positive but no harm dragging your man to bed in any case :) 

    congratulations lovepink so please for you xxx

  • Yeah I'll do it just in case 😂 I've just never done an ovulation test before so wasn't sure! Hopefully we will get a BFP this month hun fingers crossed! xx

  • Haha I agree with lizzy... Just get him into bed anyway! 

    Have any of you guys cut caffeine out whilst trying to conceive?

    i drink an energy drink pretty much every day but I end up feelingbso guilty afterwards. I don't drink coffee or anything like that. But i wasn't sure if I should just cut out all my bad habits now. 


  • i haven't needed too because I don't drink coffees or energy drinks but my other half drinks coffees like no tomorrow as he's in the building trade and his customers give him coffees left right and centre everyday! So dont know if that would affect anything 😐 Xx

  • Congrats!!! My lines was like that too. And that ovulat test is negative sorry you need 2 very clear lines for a positive on them :) 

    i have tummy ache I'm so worried it's real I don't no what to do :/ xx

  • Aww mummy2littleman have you not got a walk in clinic or anything near by just to ease your mind? 


  • There's a early pregnancy until but unless I'm in pain or bleeding they won't see me. I might get a test tonight to take just to put my mind at ease xx

  • If it'll make you feel better =]

    if not try a walk in clinic and explain you've been having some problems then at least they will refer you if they think there's something to check up on


  • I don't think anything will put my mind at ease until I see him/her on the screen which won't be for a while yet. I don't even no what date to go by :/ when I was on the pill my cycle was 28days then I took ss and it went to 30 but is that because of the ss i only stopped them 3days before I got my bfp so I'm not sure xx

  • Mummy2 do you know when the first day of your last period was?

    Try not to worry cramping and twinging can be perfectly normal. I'm also twinging and my pregnant friend is too. Xx

  • 11th Dec lasted 5days and spotting for 2days normally af is here for a full 7days and yeah with my first everything went so fast like I found out next day i bled 2/3daus later I had a scan then midwife then 12week scan etc xx

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