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  • That's exactly how I have been the last two cycles coming off the pill was convinced last month that i was pregnant as had really sore boobs. Fingers crossed for this week 

  • Same here.. i have had pretty much every symptom you can think of the last cycle.. this cycle the further away from ovulation i get the symptoms keep disappearing.. i am pretty sure i am out this month.. 

    lovepink.. i checked online for the pre-seed.. it seems expensive .. atleast to ship to india.. but i will keep checking for better deals or just order it.. seems like a lot of women have had success stories with it.. 

  • imagelight 2nd line would anyone say it's a deffo positive 

  • Hi Missylove1987,

    I would say it is 😊 Congrat!! But if you you want to be extra sure, you can do the test in a few days for a darker line?

  • Went to the dr yesterday, since I've been feeling faint, dizzy, cold sweats and weak.

    I'm about 6-7 DPO and was experiencing headaches, nausea, tiredness and bad cramps on LH side. I was hoping it was pregnancy symptoms😫😫

    Did some ultrasounds, it was a 4cm Cyst on my LH side near overy, no sticky bean unfortunately. Although doctor said it might be too early to see anything. So there might be a chance and to wait until due AF date. He also said that the early pregnancy symptoms was probably from the cyst.

    Doctor prescribed me some medication for dizziness, but did some research that if pregnant or trying to conceive can be harmful to developing baby. Even though I'm not sure if I am or not I'm not taking any chances 😨

    All day today, I'm experiencing bright red spotting... Only when I wipe after going to toilet (sorry for TMI) and cramping. I'm hoping its IB but knowing my luck... It might be AF, will have to see how it goes.

    Praying that it is!! 🙏🙏

  • So happy for all of the positive test :) it's so exciting. I downloaded the Ovia app on my phone last night and went through all the questions and everything. But I don't see where it tell me when I'll be ovulating. Did I miss something on there? My calendar tells me when I'll be fertile, which is in 3 days by the way :). Have any of you ever used that app?

  • Mellybear IB isn't usually red. Either very light pink or brown. 

    Jaimeed84 the Ovia app just tells your fertility days. when you get to those days it will tell you your most fertile. If you enter everything correctly you should an acutrate result.

  • Thank you. All of this is new to me. I was 18 when I got pregnant with my daughter. She'll be 12 on February 1st. So obviously that wasn't a planned pregnancy. 

  • That's ok! Good luck x

  • Thats what I thought too 😅 Guessing AF is due

  • When i get my period it starts with spotting light pink for 2/3 days then it starts heavy. It never used to be like that but been like it for few months x

  • I know I'm a bit late but congrats Lovepink! Xx

  • Hi guys was wondering is it best to stick with folic acid or pregnacare tabs x

  • I had some trouble with pregnacare so I just take folic acid. Xx

  • Missylove1987 - fx - it looks good but wait  test again in a few days and should be darker :)

  • Congratulations ladies. According to my app, I should be able to test in 11 days with a sensitive test but I think I'll hold off to see if I get my period. Such a difficult thING to do.

    I've had on and off sickness, feeling nauseous. I haven't had anymore pelvic pain. Tummy on one side seems tighter & I could eat and eat haha. My partner woke up one morning and said that he felt nauseous. Hope we didn't catchange some sort of bug!

  • Hi I was wondering if to continue taking pregnacare tablets as u have started my period this morning image

  • My test this morning was negative not sure if it is just too early. I haven't been having many signs and think I'm going to try and wait until next Wednesday which would put me a day late before doing another test :(

  • Becca84 it's too early to test. try and wait till AF is late. Less heartbrea that way! x

  • Nikkhan1984- my best friend took pregnacare for all three is her babies. It worked for her! Everyone is different. It will happen when your body is ready. Good luck x

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