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implantation bleeding or not

My period is 6 days late, on 19dpo I noticed light pink bleeding which stopped after a couple hours. On 20 dpo there is still light bleeding but the blood is bright red. Could this be implantation bleeding or a regular period? 



  • Implantation bleeding is normally pink/brown but I'm sure in some cases if can be red but shouldn't last angmore than a day or 2 .. No expect just going off what I. Have read image 

    finges crossed and baby dust to you image xx 

  • Hi you guys im new on here been bleeding for 4 days now it started of brownish usually on my period i bleed HEAVY WITH HEAVY CLOTS (sorry to much info) but this bleeding was very light then my regular period no cramping at allll i usally be in pain light pink and when i use the restroom its brownish drops come down in its also like little dots in toliet when i wipe its brownish red can someone help me put plz

  • Hi baby ferer im in the same situation as u but im 9 days late ... for me i would say its implantation bleeding but for us to be shure all we need to do is just takr a blood test i will do on the 17th .. i have allready taken 4 hpt all negative . U shoulf make one first thing in morning to get the most accurate resault .. if positive congratss ure gonna be a momyyy :).. iff no dont frigh wait a couple more days and redo the test ... babyy dust to you alll .. :) pls keep us posted 

  • Good Evening,

    My name is Onawa and I am new to this board. To give a little background  myself. Me and DH have been arrows for 5 years. We have a beautiful 7 year old daughter. 

    We have bee TTC for more than two year with no luck. Frankly, I have given up because I was tired of seeing BFN 😑😑😑😑 . Anywho I am averaging a 30 day cycle. AF is due the 16th however since 5dpo I have been having the worst breast   Nicole pain ever sorry for TMI. Anyway 11dpo I had some of what I think is IB very pink but only when wipe. Tapered off until the next day. Then I got more pink spotting but nothing else since.

    It seems as if soon as I started spotting I have been using  bathroom like crazy and my breast still hurts. I took a test now 12dpo and BFN. My question is  I still be pregnant and I just tested to early??? 😕😕😕😕😕 Anyone who has experienced IB how soon before you received your BFP???

  • I have been trying to convince for 16 months now. Going slightly mad to be honest. ive just experienced dark brown bleeding for three days 6 days after my apparent ovulation. I'm not due on for 7 days but feel sick and have a metallic taste in my mouth. I have been really poorly with the flu though so could all be down to that.

    do you think this could be implantation bleeding. It was a bit clotty though on day two of it.

    starting to think it will never happen for me x

  • Hmm, depends on the severity of the bleeding, if really light it could be! I remember my implantation bleeding, it happened around that time, maybe a few days later than your *potential* implantation bleeding. It was very light, only picked it up after wiping when I went pee a few times, just over the course of one day. I remember a very pronounced 'twinge' in one side of my lower abdomen, & somehow I just knew it was pregnancy. It wasn't like anything I've every felt, but not all women feel this, sometimes they just notice the bleeding. Sounds promising for you! But uteruses are weird, be prepared for getting your period as normal & life going on un-pregnant. Better not to look too forward to it & be disappointed. I did that so many times.

    My pregnancy ended in a miscarriage, & I don't know if a successful pregnancy perhaps has MORE implantation blood than what I described. I normally bleed very light on periods & the doctor told me that perhaps my thin lining had to do with the miscarriage. Just some details to put in perspective. Good luck!

  • I'm sorry to hear about your miscarriage. I didn't realise trying for a baby was such an emotionally draining experience. 

    I fully expect to come on my period next week. First of all its way to early to feel as sick as I do so therefore I believe it must be something else. I have no tenderness in my breasts. Metallic taste has gone today. Bleeding has stopped. It was only heavy enough to wear a liner anyway.

    i got pregnant in a blink of an eye with my first child 8 years ago so never even thought I would have problems this time round. 

    I wish you the best of luck. A friend of mine suffered a miscarriage last year and is now at home with her new born baby girl. There is always hope xx

  • Yes, I hope that when I'm consciously trying (MC before was of an unplanned pregnancy), that things will be easy. I know MCs happen for a multitude of usually unpreventable factors, so I'm hoping!! :)

    Lots of pre-menstrual symptoms can seem like pregnancy ones. It's hard to differentiate. I honestly don't recall much being different than normal when I pregnant though that first month of it. All I noticed different was the implantation bleeding & twinge I described. There's been several other times where I felt somewhat sure (not as sure as when I felt the twinge) that I would turn out to be pregnant (sore breasts, nausea) but it didn't turn out to be. Terrible that our body has such similar symptoms b/t pregnancy & normalcy! Haha.

    I wish you the best of luck. It is definitely an emotionally draining process. I would say the emotional end of things was SO much harder for me than the physical.

  • Hello, im new to this forum and was wondering if anyone can help me. I had sex 2/21/16 around 2am...this is the day AF was due. Around 4:30 am i started spotting this pinkish discharge. Still spotting but now its pinkish brownish discharge but only when i wiped. By late afternoon it completely stopped. By Monday evening around 8:30 pm 2/22 it started up again but brown at first then 2 hrs later red. I had some cramping but nothing unbearable just a little. I dont get cramps at all with my period. And now Tuesday early morning (now) 2:46 am its dark red and i have to wear pantiliners. I never had implantation bleeding and at this point my period will normally be at a heavy flow. Can someone help me figure out whats going on???

  • Cchun20-

    At any time, our hormonal balance & cycles can change, due to stress, environmental factors, etc. Like our hair texture or bra size can change throughout life, so can our menstrual cycles or the ways our bodies respond to pregnancies we have. Keep in mind you could just be changing! A lighter period than normal can indicate malnutrition, infection (anywhere in the body), too much stress- a number of things. The susceptibility of your cervix to letting some menstruation blood through at irregular times in your cycle- can also change. I would examine other things in your life like stress levels, changes in diet or hydration, changes in age (are you nearing menopause? are you very young & don't have a regular cycle yet?). These are all just questions to help you figure out what's going on.

    I did have implantation bleeding once, it was only one color- light pink/reddish- & lasted one day only, only visible when wiping after peeing. It was accompanied with a twinge, but not a full cramp situation.

    Hope this helps!

  • Mine did turn out not to be implantation bleeding. I came on three days late which was a cruel joke considering I've been trying for 18 months but oh well. Had spotting around the time of ovulation this month but opk said negative. Getting to a point of giving up if I'm honest. my body doesn't show any of the normal signs I don't even get pmt symptoms! 

  • I have a lot of questions. I'm quite afraid actually. if someone can help that would be great.

    I have been off birth control since April. this would be my second period since coming off. usually before my period, my breasts really hurt and I get severe lower back pain and I get cramps. my period is also heavy, even on birth control. the only thing birth control did for me was shorten my period time. this time around, I had no nipple/breast  but my lower back did hurt but so did my entire back. I experience abdomen pain randomly, I am eating like crazy and my "period" was a week late. although it came a week later, it's very light and brown and it is day six and it still just light brown. the other day all of a sudden my nipples started hurting even though i should of been of my period by now. is this implantation bleeding or am I scaring myself? please someone help. thanks 

  • Hello ladies i am new here, i have some questions i o on the 9th had sex on the 6th,9th and 10th. On monday i was 11dpo and started a light bleed today on 13 dpo it went to spotting and stopped for a short while and early morning 14 dpo i had a little more than  you can call spotting on pad. My menstrual was not due until today 6/23/16. could this be implantation or early period. Also, i have take 2 opk one on 12 dpo which was a light second line and one on 13 dpo and the second line was a little darker. I did this because i read that opk can also detect early pregnancy. I know i am wishful thinking, but i am also running myself any input would be greatly excepted and appreciated.

  • Hey so I shouldn't be in my period for another six days. But I had a few drops of pink blood. That was the first night. For the next day and a half I had to wear a pad and tampons because it was somewhat heavy. The blood was red but when I wiped it wiped pink. And the last day It was more of a brown discharge. I can't take a test for while or go see my doctor but is this implantation bleeding? The blood looked red on the pad but when I wiped it looked pink. I'm really confused...

  • Hi everyone. New here. I am trying to figure out what's going on with me. I got what I thought was my period on the day it was due but for 3 days it was super light pinkish with brown. And then the next two days it was also pink and brown but then I went pee and there was more blood. Like a medium flow so I used a tampon and when I went to change it later on there was next to nothing on it... And the same thing keeps happening. I have been spotting for 5 days now with only mild to no cramps and they don't feel normal. I normally have really bad cramps and a heavy flow with clots and I'm having none of that. Could this be implantation bleeding?

  • Hi everyone, I've got a couple questions. I know this is an older thread but I'm so confused. My husband and I are ttc and did the deed on december 23 day of ovulation, I knew it was go time because I felt a cramp in my right ovary. We did it and I made sure to stay laying down for awhile (1hour) then at 8dpo ( december 31)I had what I thought was implantation bleeding. i bent down to get something from my bag and thought I peed myself but it was white cm with some pink blood, then nothing until the next day (january 1) had a little bit of brown when wiping.  now nothing, no symptoms at all. I do breastfeed my daughter still and haven't had a period yet but do the ovulation strips to know when I'm ovulating and I definitely know when I ovulate. i took a pregnancy test with FMU on 12dpo which was 4 days after what I thought was implantation bleeding. but it was negative. If that was ib then please someone tell me what it was. 

  • So I need help I've been experiencing spotting on and off the last two days. It ranges from light pink to brown and the brown is kinda mucusy and no not like a clot like discharge. There are times when its heavier but it'll stop in like a hour and never enough to fill a bad I'm so very confused because I've had my nexplanon out and idk if this is just my body adjusting but I have been experiencing nausea fatigue back pain cravings and dizziness and head aches.  I generally feel pregnant but I don't know if this is implantation bleeding or not. so please help me get some answers. 

  • Hi I'm looking for a second opinion and thought id post on here incase someone had had a similar experience and ended up with a bfp. 

    I got my implant removed about 6 weeks ago and my partner and I are ttc so we have been having sex most days.    3 weeks after getting it removed I had some pink/ brown spotting for a few days joined by swollen breasts/ headaches/ back pain and flu like symptoms. I now still have swollen breasts and my nipples are constantly hard. Yesterday I wiped and saw a tiny bit of pink discharge, then this morning I  thought my period was starting but it was dark brown which I usually get at the end of my period then it changed to bright red but it's a lot thinner and lighter than usual. Could it be implantation bleeding and has anyone else had this then got a bfp? Thanks x

  • I had what I thought was a period over a week early.... was brown and dark red and I needed to use a tampon. 2 weeks later I got my bfp, 5 days after my period should have been. I had sore boobs, nipples burning, bad heartburn and   Bloating. 

    It could also of course just be a funny light period which I have also had :( 

  • I don’t really have a reply I’m just confused. I had my tubes tied and burned in Jan 2016 after having my fourth child. Which my husband and I have regretted since. I do want to “magically“ get pregnant again and I’ve resear that its been happening more often in women who have had their tubes tide. I’m due for my period on January 14th, but yesterday I had brown,gooey discharge(no smell). Thought I was starting my period early. Today I woke up and there was nothing.  I’ve been having heartburn on and off the last 4weeks and I’m more tired then normal and would sleep all day if I could. Could I possibly be pregnan???? 

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