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hiya, just thought id catch up!!

Hiya everyone,

ive been so absent here lately i thought id catch you all up with my boring life and see how everyone is.

Well, we had a lovely christmas, spent time with both mine and andrews family without a hitch, He proposed on christmas eve which is one way of putting me in a good mood, and its weird but its changed us, not in a bad way, weve always been close, we spend too much time together not to be, but we seem really close, and anyway after a shite year it feels great to be so in tune with him, hes been alot closer to me and iv had alot less of those AH man moments, its good and feel like im doing the right thing moving to leicester with him, for the children. 

Also things with the in laws are going well, i left the kids with mil the other day something id never have done in a million years and gone mad at the mere suggestion, she had them for 3hrs while me and andrew watched new moon and had a little wander around the highcross shopping centre, i was really relaxed i was suprised at myself.

We are moving the end of february, scary!! 

Ive sorted and re sorted kids stuff, and im doing a table at a nearly new sale at the weekend, so that will give me a bit of cash for some guilt free shopping for some nice bits for there new rooms, Jacks room is pretty much covered im just getting him a single bed as im selling the toddler bed the day we leave, lolas in a cotbed so she has a toddler bed there.  Lola needs some bits and bobs for her room, as shes been sharing with us she doesnt have bedroom 'stuff' so that will be fun to do.

Lola decided after a few weeks of doing about 4 steps every now and again she would walk today, she looks like a robot and claps herself the whole time, we are just so pleased shes finally done it!!!

Jack wont shut up, hes talking non stop, we dont have understandable sentences yet but hes now said and sayes over 100 words, and he trys so very hard with any he cant say, yes is a real difficult one for him so we accept him nodding for now, no on the other hand is completely over used!

anyway thats enough of my rambling, hope your all well? How are all the other babies/bumps/toddlers and older?? do we have any new bumps??

Laura xxxxxxx


  • All sounds good at cassa Lau and Andrew! Very good.

    Bet you've got loads to sort before the move,don't envy you there,I may have moved 12 times-but never with 2 small children!!!!!

    Great that Jacks a chatter box now,just suddenly comes to them doesn't it! Tom as I've said didn't utter a word then when he did,by the end of a fortnight he was saying sentances!!! Amazed me it went from so few to so many in short space of time!

    Fun fun fun now Missy is all the things you could get done in minutes takes hours!!!! Jc refuses to be in a buggy,if he thinks he should walk,must admit I let him for ages as his walking wasn't that good-he goes in buggy now......but that's the behaviour issue!!!image

    If he runs into playgroup one more time,and try unsuccessfully to blend in with Tom and his friends I'll swing for him!!!!! I wouldn't he'd clout me back!!!!!

  • haha, my sister was attempting to join play group from the minute she could walk, my mum childminds and the kids she had went to the playschool charley did.  Was good really because when she finally got to go, when mum collected her she said mummy i can stay here now, yes charley, well its about time!!!image
  • sounds like lola has walked at bout same time as lily-id been waiting and waiting for her to walk-she also claps and smiles when she walks cos think she knows she is doing something special.where are u moving to then-a bigger house x
  • we move in a few weeks now, we are moving from suffolk to the midlands! big move! much bigger house and much cheaper to live there to!image

    Thats so sweet that she claps herself, lola smiles like a maniac when she walks and shes now trying to run, but her body cant keep up with her legs so she keeps using jack as balance! we let her walk outside today, that was a bad idea, she kept licking things and found a leaf that she wouldnt let go of for over an hour!

  • i let lily walk into her brothers school today which she was proud of-she gave up on way out and wanted to be back on my hips for carry-hope ya move goes well-i would think u l make friends quite easily-u have lola and jack as an icebreaker
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