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im back

hi everyone-ive not been on 4 ages-my life is crazily busy but wanted today to come bk on and see how u all doing. my little girl lily-may is now 14 mths and walking just this week-loving her so much-well ive flicked thru and seen that some of u are ttc and others are havin scans and i hav to admit all this makes me bit broody-i really shudnt as ive got 4 already! think its the best time of our lives tho bringing up gorgeous kids and doin our best-anyway must try and get on here more


  • Hi Louimage welcome back!!!! x glad all well with you,wow Lily-may 14 mths!!! Time flies xx
  • hi there- hows u? i see from ya posts u are trying and trying for a baby and hav been a while-my friend tried 18 mths for her 3 rd baby-she got there in end and she had truely given up-nobody shud cos if u ve had babies b4 there s really no reason it wudnt happen again-my friend due in april and she could so relate to feelin slightly desperate bout it0hang on in there-bet ull be fine-boys are lookin well anyway-take care
  • Aww thanks Lou,yeah still trying! It'll happen 1 day-I hope!

    Mind you after today(Jc been his usual devilish selfimage) I probably wouldn't cope with 3!!!!! But I do like a challenge!!!!

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