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Toddler safety

Hi ladies,

What are you most worried about your toddler doing? Are you scared of him running into the road, failing in a pond or electriying himself?

Whatever your toddler worry please email me at [email protected] or post on here and include your full name, age, where you are from and the names and ages of your children-a piccie would also be great, all for the April issue of Practical Parenting mag.

Many thanks,

Liz x


  • In the house we're pretty confident.We have had  babies and toddlers in our house for the last ten years so medicines are out of reach,so are cleaning things.Sockets are covered and gates are in place.

    It's when we are out I have the biggest worries.Losing one or more does happen when there's lots of children.Happens more when my husband is supposed to be watching them."We" often lose a child on a family day out,because I think  he's watching that child,but he forgets,or lets them out the pushchair or off their reins.Normally I keep my three year old on reins,she has to hold the pram at all times.It takes seconds for a toddler to step in the road because they've seen something or something else distracts them,and the roads here are so busy.Even with my 5 year old you have to keep an eye that he's sensible crossing the road,not daydreaming or picking up that little bit of whatever might be of interest.

  • i'm the same, i'm quite confident with the inside of the house as all plug sockets are covered, cupboards and draws safety locked and stair gates where we need them but when we out and charlie whos 2 wants to be walking by himself etc i am worried he'll run into the road cause he has no sense of danger yet and doesnt understand that cars could seriously injure him
  • I'm more worry what my toddler will do to others than himself.

    kieran (2 yr) always give his little sister, Caitlin (8 mth) like small bits of paper or crayons or sticker to chew when I'm not looking!

  • im more worried at home, im much more of an outdoors(or shopping person) and car and buggy or occasionally reins are the easiest time with my two, at home its the CONSTANT climbing!!!! feeding each other random things, pushing, shoving on the stairs, encouraging bad behaviour, eg, shoving things into the gas fire, pulling on curtains, climbing to get photos off the wall, hammering stuff, (the toy tools have to go...)

    As you can see my two are alot of fun at the moment! id do the baby stage again any day!

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