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The Good luck has come

I think im 21 weeks pregnant with a good luck girl! Ever since the 20 week scan things have begun to turn around! Adam found his shares which he is going to sell, so we can buy a boiler, then the bathroom can be done and then the nursery. He has also had two interviews this week and been offered both jobs!

Monday he starts his new job! fantastic pay and an interesting job. Working for the ambulance service. The training is for 7 weeks and fully paid. BRILLIANT ♥

It's all starting to turn around. Im getting more kicks and she is moving my hand. Mum has been kicked a few times...Adam jealous he not felt any but by the time you call them and they arrive it stops eh ♥

Im just so happy it's all starting to turn around for us




  • Glad to hear it's all going well.Very happy for you.

    Sounds like a fantastic job,hope he enjoys it.

    Nice when baby starts to move.Darren never felt a kick,but he was squeamish about all that,but you're right,they always stop by the time you call someone to feel.Wait till you start seeing things moving in their,a little hand or foot,that one really freaks Darren out.

    Enjoy doing the nursery.


  • Great news Corrinneimage good luck with the job Adam! Fully paid training sounds good to me!

    You will be spoilt,new boiler,bathroom and nursery-shopping heaven!!!!!!

  • I know, its all brilliant! I cant wait to have a proper bathroom! not the small, smaller then a box room thing we have, with only a shower attachment. Ohhhhh how I long to not bend over the bath to wash my hair. Hopefully in a couple of months I can stand up and shower. HEAVEN! and the nursery to sort out. YAY!

    Yeah he has 7 weeks of training and then into the actual job!

    Erm....I think it more then likely Alice having a huge party and maybe pushing and then turning over...but...gah how do you know when you have a braxton hick and should I be worried at 22 weeks? My GUT tells me it was just Alice having a game but the paranoid me thinks it was a hicks
  • *typo! 21 weeks*
  • I'm guessing if you're excited,maybe she is too!!!!

    My two kicked for Wales every bath I took,and the minute I sat in my fave chair to read!!! Probably having a ball in there with all this nursery talk x

    Are you doing the whole pink thing???!

  • MIL and SIL picked up a load of pink and white vests and body suits and  hello kitty 0-3 PJ's. ADORABLE. they went NUTS! I do want some white outfits for her and some nice fresh white and lemon items...that ive seen in mothercare with little star written on.

    we have loads of the know two body suits and a onesie etc. hats etc. So many items image

    Nursery will be cream walls with a pink middle of the wall out blind and pink curtains with a pink lamp and a nice antique pine bedroom set for her. I want a nice plush carpet too to help it to stay nice and warm in the back bedroom. I CANT WAIT! A book shelf on the wall and a shelf for soft toys and a stack of boxes for her toys. YAY!


  • Wow-all sorted then!!! It's lovely planning it all isn't it??image

    Gorgeous stuff by the sounds of things,lil Alice will be a pampered princess!!!x

  • Wow! he seems to be catching onto my WE NEED TO GET IT ALL SORTED as next weekend he is cleaning the two bedrooms to make room for the bathroom and going to get it all moving. brilliant image


  • Great stuff!!! These men get there in the endimage
  • OK. update.

    Yes very good he has a job but its come 11 months too late. there is too much debt and we have gone under the water basically.

    Virgin have said if we dont pay our bill PLUS not paying charges which makes it all nearly 200 quid by the 30th Jan...they are cutting us the weekend we shall have NO phone, NO net and NO Tv..hmm that will be So freaking handy trying to sort out our money stuff and phoning up when bills can be paid and where they can be taken from I dont know when I shall be online again after the 30th. Hopefully before the birth! I hope we can get it all sorted.

    hmm feeling sad now image I must try to stay as happy and positive as possible for Alice's sake. Doesnt mean I wont go and have a good cry tonight.

     Im sure I shall be around and about...but after the 30th...see you when I can see you


  • Oh crickey, surely they can come to some agreement with you now that he has a job and you can start to make payments.

    I was about to say what brilliant news and just read your last post. Life is full of ups and downs unfortunately but hopefully something will come around for you.

    Fingers crossed.  

    Bless, hope all is okay. Take Care.

  • Oh hope things get better soon,once Adam's money starts coming in you'll get back on top of it all.

    We used to regularly get cut off by Telewest it was at that time.We just didn't have the money,there was nothing we could do.No telly,phone and we didn't have a pc then.If you have mobiles that's something,and have you got an old portable tv?We used to drag one out the bedroom.Don't know about the internet access,unless you have a fancy phone or a willing friend or relative.

    Debt does get you down,but you will get through it.Still lots to look forward to,Baby Alice is  doing well.Hubby still has his new job to look forward to,and all those things you want to do will still happen,just not right away.

    Chocolate tea and bubblebath,makes the world a better place.

  • OK! so im UP again today! I told mum and she phoned virgin and she said IF I pay their bill (not the extra charges you putting on) will everything stay the same...she said mum paid the bill! I was crying so hard...its so awful when people have to bail you out!

    So we are "saved"...also Adam's parents are paying our mortgage this month. Ive just discovered money in my single account of £100 so thats more money to add to the pot. YAY!

    In 2 months TOPS we shall be sooo totally square *is very happy* I love finding money!!!!

  • aww bless hun
    a good cry is always good glad you have still got you intetnet and that what would we do with out mums mie is a god send some times and my mil has help a few time
  • glad things worked out hun,.

    thank god for parents hey, my grandmas had stern words with sky before, shes my safety net complete star that women!

    Hope your all well and little alice is giving you lots of kicks! image

  • Alice gives lots of lovely kicks but also does something strange...must be her foot...or hand...lets say foot...and behind my belly button and PUSHES really hard for about 30 seconds. strangest feeling EVER!

     I love my parents SO much. the MIL and FIL have also saved our asses and will be this month also but in 2 months, we worked it out...we shall be totally straight and no money worries what so ever. YAY ♥

    Im just trying not to freak out about my driving lesson in 10 minutes. he wants me to deal with traffic. I will NOT be able to keep the traffic moving. If I get too stressed I will tell him the lesson is OVER


  • hope the driving lesson went well hun!

    Youll be fine and get the hang of it really quickly, roo was sooo nervous and every week hed stress the whole day, and he finished lessons and passed within four months!

  • Lesson went really well! I was up the busy main street and lots of stopping and starting and I didnt mess up image

    I have two lessons next week..bring it on I say image


  • all sounds good, good luck! image
  • Corrinne,thank god for mums eh????image 

    Glad the lesson went well. Enjoy the next few x

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