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Has anyone ever had a BFN but actually being pregnant???

Hi I was just wondering if anyone has being in a similar situation and what was the outcome...

AF is just over 2 week late (I'm next due on the 12th March). I have had very sore nipples and my cervix has not lowered since after my last period (if I remember correctly). I have creamy CM (tmi sorry) and have been very bloated also with lower abdominal cramping. However I have just had numerous BFN's.

I am not actively trying so im not charting, but from what I have worked out I would be roughly 5-6 weeks now.

any replies would be very much appreciated xx


  • No advice from me but good luck 

  • Thank you x

  • I have had all ya symptoms and I done some test last few days and iv just had mega mega faint positives ximage

  • They are very faint kay1992 but a line is a line they say! I can definitely see one.

    have you missed your period? If so when were you due on If you don't mind me asking?

    I've had 1 very faint line on a cheapy but 3 negative first response tests so I think the faint may have been an evap line.

  • Saturday I had a  negative Sunday I got two positives :) it can happen 

  • I had similar negatives with some kit but with the cheap one from poundland a faint line went to see Practise nurse she did test was negative at surgery so I saw GP with symptoms and she asked for a repeat test at surgery with ruins which was still negative. GP agreed on a blood pregnancy test as is more accurate and confirmed I was pregnant. 

  • How can a evap line happen in the time frame 😕

  • I had faint positives and missed a period and had pregnancy symptoms I eventually had a blood test which was  negative for pregnancy.  Some of my hormones were out of sync including prolactin.  My Doctor dismissed my faint positives because blood test came back negative and suspects I have pcos. My prolactin level had come back down on my next blood test 

  • Guna sound bad but I haven't had a peried since having my daughter as I breastfeed and she is 7months I only tested as I'm having all the symptoms I did with her x

  • imageI don't think they as sensitive but I'm so baffled to whats going on

  • It's just driving me insane now knowing. I have had bad pelvic pain over the weekend so I am booked in at the doctors for Friday so I will hopefully get some answers.

    I have never missed a period so this is odd for me, we need a switch that lets us know when we are instead of all this guessing!! 

    I took a photo of the faint test, I just didn't want to believe it as I can't see colour in the line ( I don't know if you can even see a line on the photo or I'm just going out of my mind). I have had another negative today though. I can make out the faint lines on your tests Kay (I think the top one more than the others).

    ill upload a photo of mine now, thanks for your replies everyone xx

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