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What do you pack in your hospital bag?


Have your packed your bag yet: the one you take to the hospital when you're having your baby? 

If you're anything like us, you had your bag packed when you were 32 weeks' pregnant and it's been sitting in a corner for weeks now!

But what we'd like to know is, what have you put in it? (Surely not as many baby clothes as the mum-to-be in our pics seems to be packing!!) 

We'd love it if you could take a pic for us of what's in your hospital bag. We think it might be easier – if you can bear it – if you take everything out and lay it all out on the floor before you take the the pic, so we can see all the different items. Or alternatively, simply list what you're packing. And if you want to check out our guide on what to pack, click here.




  • Here is an overview of my hospital bag used the list on this forum see links


  • hopefully a better view will try and share baby hospital bag once unpacked.


  • baby hospital bag items not emptied were nappy sack, baby sweater, extra body vest and spare nappies


  • image

    Ok I'm hoping since I've unpacked all of this my baby might get a move on and come Soon! In my bag so far I have:

    for me - pjs x 2, nightie x 2, slippers an socks, nursing bra to be added tonight.

    maternity pads x 2 packs, breast pads, disposable briefs, toothbrush, toothpaste, wet wipes, tens machine, deodorant, in the hello kitty box are oat biscuits and Jaffa cakes! I'll be adding my make up bag and coming home outfit when we leave the house as well as shampoo and conditioner.

    for baby:

    sleep suits x 4, vests x 5, coming home outfit, 2 x blankets, 1 x towel, muslins, pack of newborn nappies, dummies, nappy sacks, bunny comforter, 2 x hats, 3 x socks, 2 x booties, snow suit as Weather is so unpredictable at mo! Sudocrem, wipes and I need to add some cotton wool.

    I've  probably forgotten something but since I'm still waiting I'm sure I'll remember as time goes in x

  • I'm quite thankful for this thread finally giving me the boot to pack my hospital bag. Still have a few thing to add like my iPod/phone charger/ clary sage / bikini(hoping to maybe have water birth) slippers/ hubbys stuff(can't forget about him lol) 

  • imageJust missing my clothes. Going to have it finished by the weekend :) 

  • Hi! Thanks so much for taking the time to unpack your bags and take the pictures for us - they are absolutely brilliant!

  • Aw thanks Danielle x

  • Hi ya girls is it just mummy be hosptial bag upload our baby's as well x

  • Ooh, no, the more the merrier please, jwebster82. We'd love to see them ALL!

  • Hi everyone, please do come and share what you've packed in your hospital bag - we'd love to see if if there's anything we've forgotten on our MFM list! 

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