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When to let baby sleep on their own

I know that my baby should sleep in my room until 6 months but when can I put them to bed and return to the living room.

Currently my son js 4 weeks and will Sta with me in his basket downstairs until I go to bed however this is not allowing me to put him in a bed time routine.

What dies everyone else do?


  • My son slept in my room in a pack n play till 3 months and napped in his crib during the day. Then at 3 months he was in his own bed. I would say just when ever you feel comfortable and maybe when he dont wake up but one or two time a night i would keep him up as long as possible and feed him @11 or 12 when he was three months he would wake up @5 or 6 so it was good enough for me !! Good luck theres no set rule but i would get him used to his bed asap or he will be spoiled to yours lol 

  • Our daughter started sleeping in her room, in her crib as early as 3 weeks. When we initially spoke to our pediatrician about this she said there really isn't a set rule on how soon, but rather it's the comfort level for the parents.

    I know it's more difficult to do this especially if you're breast feeding as you want to keep your baby close for night feedings. Because our daughter is formula fed it was easier for us to justify having her in another room.

    Right now she's at 11 weeks and we are happy to say she's sleeping soundly in her room every night and even during her naps in the daytime.

    The first week of putting her in her room was very difficult though, as your mind worries quite a bit when you have a new born. We do have a sound monitor and video monitor set up and it is an essential tool for us to just keep an eye on her.

    Also, check out a book called Sleep Sense. We basically followed the instructions and it gave us pretty good guidelines on what to do to prepare them for sleeping on their own. The author gave her own daughter as an example and she had her sleeping in her room at 2 weeks, so anything is possible.

    But as Dasy (and my pediatrician) said above, go with what makes you feel comfortable.

    Good luck!

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