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Repeated miscarriagegas

I had my first miscarriage in January.

Fell pregnant again at the end of March and was over the moon. Made sure I did everything by the rule book.

at 5 week I got tested for ectopic pregnancy but they lluckily found a sac in my womb.

now at 7 weeks (same time that I lost the baby first time round) Iv started bleeding again.

has anyone else sufferd this? And why is it as I hit bang on 7weeks is it something to do with me? 



  • It could be a hormone problem such as low progesterone, could be thyroid problem, could be a blood disorder or it could just be that there is no particular reason.  Visit your Doctor/early pregnancy hopefully etc an help or will give you a blood test to check for these things.  

    I hope this bleeding turns out to not be serious for you

  • Hi Fbrown91, we are so sorry to hear of your loss. We thought you might find this thread helpful - it's full of wonderful women who've sadly experienced something similar to you. Please do check it out and we wish you well.

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