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I had my period on th 3rd march i came off my period on the 6th march since then ive missed my fertility and my ovl this month as ive been bizzy today is my period day and nothink has show up in my pants i had sex with my partner and he came would i be preg or what please help me ??????????? Thanks


  • Take a pregnancy test if your period is late hun. Get a good brand with pink lines like superdrug or first response, they are easy to read.

  • Ok thank you xx baby just to you

  • this week I'm feeling abit odd and i don't know why latley been feeling sicky hot but loads of discharge but egg white more hurry like yestday i had a toastie sandwich.  And a blow of soup but i cleared it then tonight i had fish cakes and chips but clear that as well and im peeing alot i will be due on this sunday coming tho could any one help x

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